Tt eSports Level 10M Gaming Mouse review

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David 31st October 2012, 08:54 Quote
The front of the mouse features a hole through which the USB cable is threaded, keeping it out of the way. adding an unsightly protrusion that WILL get in the way?

I appreciate it must be difficult to create a mouse that stands out from the crowd (for the right reasons), but £90 for cheap looking and fugly is not the answer.
srgtherasta 31st October 2012, 09:08 Quote
It's just wrong in so many ways, there's about 5quids worth of materials in it for a start not 90
r3loaded 31st October 2012, 09:25 Quote
US price ex tax is $99 - so converting to pounds and adding 20% VAT gives around £74. Compare that with the actual UK price of £91...yep, fleecing right there.
der_george 31st October 2012, 09:42 Quote
65%. Are you kidding?

I got myself one - the white one - being a fan of the cyborg rat series I thought this one would be good.
The worst thing it it doesn't fit any hands I know. The shape is just wrong.
The degree to which it is adjustable is a joke compared to the rat, especially as no setting makes it any better.
The next problem is that is is super heavy. Not just a bit, very very heavy. Probably the heaviest stock mouse out there - by far.
Then there's the paint. On my white version it had an extremely glossy clear coat which was very slippery. If you have sweaty hands your hand will move - the mouse will stay put and the sweat will drip through the holes in the top. :)
Tt got it all wrong... if you want a mouse that was designed by a designer just to be stuck on a shelf it is good.
For all else.. get a rat if you want a cusomizable mouse.
Get a Death Adder or anything from steelseries if you want an ergonomical mouse which is really good.

I sent mine back and got my money back and spent in on other useless stuff which I can also rant on about.

So long :0)
[PUNK] crompers 31st October 2012, 11:28 Quote
or if you have big hands a mionix, problem is compared to a couple years ago every area of the mouse market is pretty much covered. also this is crap.
pantalaimon 31st October 2012, 11:39 Quote
These companies are testing their luck aren't they? Add a few gimmicks, up the price, see if the suckers bite.
Guinevere 31st October 2012, 12:28 Quote
It's another GAMER product for GAMERS who like GAMER designs and GAMER software with GAMER red accents.

Allowing designers and marketing people the freedom to release products like this is the worse mistake since that Simpson guy let his brother Homer design a car.
[USRF]Obiwan 31st October 2012, 12:56 Quote
If you have skills you can play on any mouse even a on a cheap Logitech B110
Bokonist 31st October 2012, 16:46 Quote
Wow, talk about a white elephant. If you're going to pay 90 quid for something that isn't even comfortable well, I think the word is masochist.
I was a little dubious about dropping 50 quid on my Logitech G9x, but I don't regret it one bit. If it ever dies I'd happily buy another.
Ninja_182 4th November 2012, 14:27 Quote
I seriously hope DesignworksUSA is kept as far away from BMW's car design department as possible if that's what products with their input come out looking like.
icemanTM 22nd November 2012, 09:59 Quote
TT lvl10m is nothing more than an ugly looking knock off design of RAT 7....
B.M.W!?!?!?!? (long way to go TT)
Williz 22nd November 2012, 10:19 Quote
My G9x is still being used since release day. Although these days it's my work mouse (I hate low dpi mice even if I'm not gaming...) Using a RAT 9 at home :)
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