Cyborg FLY 5 vs Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X

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Star*Dagger 24th July 2012, 16:10 Quote
Cougar HOTAS, end of convo!
suicide eddie 4th August 2012, 13:56 Quote
load up descent and play that for 3-4 weeks for product testing and see if the sticks last, its a joystick killer. otherwise just buy a ch stick or cougar/warthog hotas
AiA 12th October 2012, 21:18 Quote
got the Cyborg FLY 5

after a couple of months of owning it

button 3 (on the right of the pov ) has just become loose and feels like i could just pull it off (use it to switch weapons in BF3, >.<
jordy22 14th October 2012, 05:58 Quote
Saitek Cyborg X Joystick is the second Saitek product I have to throw to the garbage 6 months after I got it. The wires connected to the Yaw potentiometer tore as the entire potentiometer is rotating few degrees left end right. The thin black wire tore apart due to repetitive move.

I would not recommend Saytek products to anyone since it seems the joysticks and pedals they sell have poor reliability. Priod.

I have a 8 years old Thrustmaster Top-Gun joystick who never failed me.
Xir 11th December 2012, 09:54 Quote
Still use the Microsoft Sidewinder FF2,
Believe me it is heavy enough to not slide... ;-)
AiA 21st November 2013, 19:14 Quote
yep now another buttons broken (saitek)

looks like the buttons are just fragile around the hat

considering i barley use it, i would not recommend it to anyone

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