Corsair K60 Vengeance Review

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t4n6o 31st December 2011, 00:30 Quote
not keen on the K60 or the ducky either tbh, I much prefer my keyboard that i have now, the logitech k800

Pot Of Jam 6th February 2013, 11:46 Quote
I'm sorry but in the Back widdow review you slag it off because of its price (£110) and this is £15 less yet isnt Fully mechanical or illuminated... *Dusts his hands* I can't vist this site anymore.
Shirty 6th February 2013, 12:21 Quote
But it's made of aluminium with more expensive switches, adding substantially to the cost.

It's still a weak board though, you got that sentiment right.
badsector 24th March 2014, 10:46 Quote
I recently bought the K60. Expensive. Yet another PC component which now has reached "enthusiast/professional" status with prices to match. Who would have ever thought that PC cases could be sold for £500 or PC PSUs for £200. Now we have keyboards for £100!

I was disappointed to find that the key top markings were transfer. At this price point I would have liked to see moulded markings. Keyboard preferences are clearly very personal - but the slope of the keyboard doesn't work for me, I need to prop the back up further, possibly to match the slope of my older keyboard. The USB cable(s) are chunky and the cable doesn't bend easily and it takes up 2 USB ports. There is a USB socket on the back of the keyboard, however for me I've never needed this feature in the past, so it is no use to me now - YMMV.
Shirty 24th March 2014, 11:25 Quote
In the grand scheme of things it's a mediocre keyboard for the money. I always find with anything in life, if you want the best possible options open to you then you have to research the topic, research it some more, and only then will you be ready to begin the serious research on the topic.

Cheap mechanical keyboards use pad printed legends, which at this sort of price point is totally unacceptable. Laser engraving is better as long as it's done properly. Black keys with white infilled laser engraving tend to get very grubby very quickly, and they're not always possible to clean. The Razer Blackwidow (non-ultimate) is a particularly good example of this. However, done as dark laser on to lighter keycaps or properly costed this is the most cost effective acceptable solution.

Much rarer are dye sublimation and doubleshot legends. Dyesub involves using a dye to permeate deep into the plactic, which gives much more durability to the legend. Double shot keycaps are made up of two (or more) parts, each a different colour. The keycap is first injected with the primary colour, and a cutout for the legend. The second colour is then injection moulded into the back, which gives the most durable keycap possible. These options are much more expensive and therefore generally only available to the industrial/enthusiast market.

A quick comparison from left to right (pad printed, laser engraved, double-shot):

I don't have a dyesub at work but you get the idea.

There's a whole other series of posts about keycap materials, profiles, widths before we even get away from just the keycaps and start talking about the other bits, but that's for another day...
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