Razer Naga Epic Review

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FelixTech 21st May 2011, 09:27 Quote
Can I keep the review sample for being first? :P

Looks awesome but more than I'd ever spend on a mouse!
docodine 21st May 2011, 09:48 Quote
I read this as 'Razer Naga- EPIC REVIEW'
sp4nky 21st May 2011, 10:17 Quote
For that sort of money, I'd like to try it out before purchasing.
Saivert 21st May 2011, 10:45 Quote
lol MMO. how about making a decent all-round mouse instead Razer? This genre specific nonsense has to stop.
A very good mouse is good for any game really.
Aterius Gmork 21st May 2011, 11:20 Quote
The Naga is very good for every game, really.

I do own the regular Naga for about 9 months now and love it. I'm not really a MMO gamer as well - only game I play is Dungeons&Dragons Online then and when. But thanks to the razer config tool which allows you to greatly customize the mouse and set macros to all keys the Nage is usefull in every game. The only downside - and I really loathe and cannot understand this one - is that you are limited to 5 profiles only.

In most games I can now select weapons or grenades with my thumb which I find more comfortable by now as I don't have to move my left hand. Also I have grenades and the like assigned to the different keys.

In Crysis I have the different suit modes assigned to four keys.

Where I really love the macros and extra buttons is in Sketchup and blender though. It's awesome not having to break your fingers in blender for some basic functions you use all the time.

However you have to get used to the Naga and the extra buttons. This always becomes appearant when someone tries to play at my computer. I recently watched a friend of mine play Crysis at my computer and it was hilarious. For me. It took a few weeks to get used to the extra buttons. However this also is the reason why many friends think the extra buttons are gimmicky or useless.
Shayper09 21st May 2011, 11:33 Quote
Originally Posted by docodine
I read this as 'Razer Naga- EPIC REVIEW'

Haha same :)

Much more than I'd ever spend on a peripheral excluding a monitor and speakers though, I'm happy with my Deathadder Respawn :)
[PUNK] crompers 21st May 2011, 12:28 Quote
they should make it into a phone aswell, you could use the num pad and then amaze all your friends by picking up your mouse and ordering pizza.

or better still, a macro based speed dial system with a recorded message

"hello, this is simon's naga speaking. pepperoni passion to 69 duke street please, money will be under the mat. leave in porch"
Deadpunkdave 21st May 2011, 12:58 Quote
Gotta say, the new scoring system makes so much more sense for stuff like this. Also, I want the shiny thing. Please stop showing me expensive shiny things.
Jipa 21st May 2011, 13:52 Quote
Finger print plastic on a mouse.

It's gonna look so disgusting in 5 minutes.
Centy-face 21st May 2011, 14:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Saivert
lol MMO. how about making a decent all-round mouse instead Razer? This genre specific nonsense has to stop.
A very good mouse is good for any game really.

You mean like pretty much all their other mice? I've owned a Diamond Back, Deathadder and currently a Lachesis and have never had any problems with any kind of game. As far as I am aware the Naga's are the only genre specific mice they make.
Lance 21st May 2011, 16:20 Quote
I love the idea of mapping keys for it to use for SC2, not so much macros, but more, (I use grid layout), q w e, a s d, z x c, and then 3 comand groups. Would be really useful in situations where you had to take your hand away from the keyboard, i.e. eating pizza while playing....
IvanIvanovich 21st May 2011, 17:56 Quote
mapping to the numpad is awesome! accountants everywhere will rejoice?
azrael- 21st May 2011, 18:13 Quote
So this is basically the love child of the Mamba and the original Naga?
AFQ 21st May 2011, 18:29 Quote
Nice mouse!!
GravitySmacked 21st May 2011, 18:36 Quote
Great looking mouse!
rickysio 21st May 2011, 18:37 Quote
Nothing on the battery life?

liratheal 21st May 2011, 22:01 Quote
If it's anything like the Mamba, the quoted hours are roughly what you're going to get.

I did opt to operate my mamba on the cord, though, after a few weeks of forgetting to charge the battery,
HourBeforeDawn 21st May 2011, 23:46 Quote
using all those side buttons seem like it would hurt the thumb lol
cyrilthefish 22nd May 2011, 02:07 Quote
I've had the older version for ~6months now (Razer naga, same physical design as above just without the wireless and the changeable side-panel + changeable LED colour).

Definitely one of the best purchases i've made in a long time. Whilst the extra buttons make the biggest impact in MMOs, they are very useful in every other game that has remapable key-bindings. Taking ME2 as a recent example: WASD for movement, all other abilities mapped to the mouse thumbpad.

Not sure i could play WoW without it now, the immense amount of abilities gives a huge advantage to using hotkeys, the more the merrier.

with my current setup in WoW i use:
arrow keys
del/end/pgdn/pgup block of 4 keys
11block of keys on the keyboard numpad
12block of keys on the mouse thumbpad
remaining 5 'normal' buttons on the mouse

Only minor niggles i've noticed with it are:
As someone mentioned: gloss plastic is a bit icky, needs to be cleaned often
Design could be tweaked a little, the thumbpad could be moved 5-10mm forwards in my opinion, right-click is too easily clicked if you just relax your hand when holding it normally IMHO.
Thumbpad gets noticeably warm, compared to the rest of the mouse
do_it_anyway 22nd May 2011, 19:12 Quote
I never play MMO's, and the price is crazy.
But.. WANT!!!!

Imagine all the fun you could do with that mouse!
I assume the mouse comes with macro recording software? That way you could play an FPS, have each weapon mapped to a key for nice swift switching, fragging, melee etc AND have some nice trash talk mapped to taunt people with too!
You could even map WASD and play one handed while drinking a beer.
nécrotic 23rd May 2011, 16:24 Quote
Wired mice > wireless! I use the *old* naga and I think it's one of the best mice available. I hate it when companies big up their products with words like epic in the product name :/
cjmUK 23rd May 2011, 21:15 Quote
£96 for a mouse. One effing mouse.

Does it also make the tea or something?
misterd77 24th May 2011, 12:20 Quote
Originally Posted by cjmUK
£96 for a mouse. One effing mouse.

Does it also make the tea or something?

you would hope so, delivered to you in bed with the morning paper, £100 for a freaking mouse, methinks this is just overkill, do you really need 17 buttons on your mouse ?, MENTAL.....
jon 24th May 2011, 15:40 Quote
So ... when does someone incorporate a surface-charging pad into a mousepad, an solve all these wireless mice battery problems?
Tsung 25th May 2011, 11:18 Quote
Surface-charging pad, why bother?.. Just add a dynamo to the mouse it can be wirless AND charge itself whilst being used :D
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