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RGUK|Alex 27th March 2011, 13:45 Quote
I remember a while back I was actually considering getting this mouse, not because of its wealth of features but purely because of its aesthetic merit. I now feel happy in knowing that I had made the right choice buying the CM Storm Inferno, a much cheaper mouse with plenty of potential. Still looks nice with all the lights nonetheless, however when I'm in the middle of a gun fight I don't tend to raise my hand to look at the lights underneath for satisfaction. That comes from shooting somebody.
smc8788 27th March 2011, 14:05 Quote
I have one of these and I can honestly say it's the best mouse I've ever used (and I've tried plenty of mice - the Logitech MX518, Razer Deathadder, and R.A.T. 7 amongst others). I keep coming back to the Kones though, since I find them supremely comfortable and their driver software is excellent. I also had the original Kone which was plagued by problems with its mouse wheel, so I bought the Kone+ to replace it as I couldn't find another mouse I liked as much. I was a little sceptical of how much they'd improved the mouse wheel, but I haven't had any problems with it so far and I would struggle to find something I don't like about it.

As for the lack of finger support, that's something very personal to the user so you may or may not be bothered by it (obviously I'm not), and will depend on what kind of grip you use on the mouse. The R.A.T. 7 for example has excellent finger support when using the appropriate attachment but overall I felt it was nowhere near as comfortable.
Saivert 27th March 2011, 14:34 Quote
yup. The Logitech G5/G7 doesn't have a ledge for resting fingers on either and I rarely ever drag the fingers along the mouse surface. I keep a firm grip on the mouse and avoid it.
Ninja_182 27th March 2011, 16:46 Quote
Originally Posted by smc8788

As for the lack of finger support, that's something very personal to the user so you may or may not be bothered by it (obviously I'm not), and will depend on what kind of grip you use on the mouse.

Personally when looking for mice I rule out all those with little finger supports (and the few with thumb supports), they don't 'support' my finger, they put it somewhere un-natural, and make the mouse feel clumsy. I don't have the dragging little finger and falling off ring finger. My mouse has 3 buttons on top, as a result I have 3 fingers, the middle on the wheel. This leaves the ring finger on the right button and the little finger moved far enough across to not be able to reach the desk unless I try to.
Almightyrastus 27th March 2011, 17:56 Quote
I have the older Kone model here and it is pretty awesome. The only negative points I could mention are the retention method for the weight is a little flaky, hopefully that has been improved in the Kone+ and the cable and plug feel a little cheap and nasty.
wardogz 27th March 2011, 19:28 Quote
Personally, i'll stick with my Razer Naga, I NEED all those buttons!, even for FPS', Mouse for most of the actions, aiming and a wireless frag n stein, to steer and jump/sprint etc, never have to touch the bulky Sidewinder KB, just sit back in comfort and frag :)
CashMoney 27th March 2011, 23:53 Quote
I've been using the original kone for well over a year now, best mouse I've used (and as a gamer, I've used a LOT!). As for the tracking unit, it does make a difference. I don't use a mouse mat, but it never occurred to me that my new desk (a gloss black kitchen worktop) would be a problem compared to the matt pine wood of my old desk. The top is gloss black with gloss water splashes like pattern on it. The mouse was skipping and stalling everywhere. I was resigned to breaking out a mouse pad when I remembered the TCU in the software. Sure enough, 1 calibration later and the mouse is as true on my new desk as it was on my old one. When I bought my Kone though, it was on special at £39, and admit I wouldn't have considered buying it if it was over £40, not for what to me was an unknown brand. Glad I did though!
doggy 28th March 2011, 13:21 Quote
I have this mouse and love it. I had been a Deathadder user for a long time and decided to try something new. I have pretty large hands and find most mice uncomfortable after long periods of use which i why i initially used the Deathadder due to its size but this is even bigger than the Deathadder.

I would be impressed if anyone tells me they can actually play any sensible game @ 6000dpi - I seem to be stuck at 800/900 for most fps games and 1600dpi on wow.....
DLDeadbolt 28th March 2011, 14:02 Quote
I've got the Kone, and have had to get it replaced/repaired once already, and am about to replace it again (1st time both buttons front pressure-sensor/switch broke [there are 2-3 each], and now this one the scroll wheel has broken, along with the button right above it)

As much as I like the size, weight (use the heaviest weight) and feel of the Roccat Kone, I doubt I will be back.
ledbythereaper 28th March 2011, 14:50 Quote
I have a rev2 Kone, weight holder is broken, more will randomly turn it's self off and need to be plugged back in, the Roccat logo that lights up is peeling off aswell. Shame as it's a good mouse, just horrible horrible build quality so I'm back to using my Razer Lachesis which hasn't failed me for the past 3 years.
duster 30th March 2011, 01:15 Quote
The LED light source on mine broke recently. Before that the weight holder broke too. It's a nice mouse but the build quality is shocking - Roccat need to lift their game.
xioros 3rd April 2011, 15:50 Quote
I have the kone + and I like it.
Using it for a couple of days now and huge improvement from my previous one ( RX1000)
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