Gigabyte K8100 Review

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Cateye 21st November 2010, 10:17 Quote
whats with yellow and black... :S
rickysio 21st November 2010, 10:20 Quote
I prefer half height enter keys, makes more damned sense than wasting space.
GoodBytes 21st November 2010, 10:26 Quote
The Enter key shape is because the keyboard is U.S/Canada layout.
Over here, I wish you good luck in finding a keyboard with the flied L shaped enter. Unless you get a French Canadian keyboard (or multilingual (both English and French) of course).

Personally, I despite the U.K layout keyboard. The backspace is soo small. The left shift key is a single key size which means it's double hard to reach it. No one uses the negate sign key (left of the 1), you can easily put a useful key here, like ~ or in your case #.

My point is that you can't comment on such thing... It's not something that Gigabyte invented, it's the U.S/Canada layout. Your just used to the U.K layout, that is all.

All keyboard layouts per country:
Canon 21st November 2010, 10:39 Quote
This would only look right next to a 'LanBoy Air' and both of them are wrong.....very very wrong. It's a shame, I like the shape of this keyboard but the colour and keys put me off.
SchizoFrog 21st November 2010, 10:46 Quote
That marketing tripe certainly matches the bollox associated with Lamborghini of old, before Audi bought them.
sstteevveenn 21st November 2010, 10:49 Quote
The UK backspace key is full-size. Half-size backspace keys are EVIL. I hit the enter key after everything I type in msn. I'm pretty sure I strike it on a part of the key that is missing in the US layout, and it seems very awkward to me to think of hitting where the # key is on the UK layout every time I need an enter. For me the # is very awkward. The left shift still feels easy to hit, and I dont really use it that often anyway. Also, as an aside, the |\ key that is there on the UK layout gives me an extra key around the wasd. :)
maximus09 21st November 2010, 11:46 Quote
omg i think i just puked in my mouth
Yemerich 21st November 2010, 11:57 Quote
My eyes! They are burning with such ugliness!
I hope I closed them before I turn into stone!
bennyjh 21st November 2010, 13:28 Quote
just looks like a yellow arctosa
Kenny79 21st November 2010, 13:39 Quote
Don't look directly at it, it burnt my retinas.
DragunovHUN 21st November 2010, 14:25 Quote
It is very yellow indeed.
metarinka 21st November 2010, 16:50 Quote
No pictures of the whole keyboard at once? I still don't know what it looks like?
mrbens 21st November 2010, 16:55 Quote
Originally Posted by metarinka
No pictures of the whole keyboard at once? I still don't know what it looks like?

lol good point:
srgtherasta 21st November 2010, 17:01 Quote
Kill it with fire!!!
jrs77 21st November 2010, 17:22 Quote
Why is there still so many new keyboards developed with those stoopid clunky keys?

Slim/flat like the Logitech UltraX is 200% better and way more comfortable to use then those bricks.
Blanx3_Bytex 21st November 2010, 17:38 Quote
Anyone else think that pattern on the volume strip is VERY reminiscent to the Lamorghini Reventon? Infact, the yellow is very lambo too. Lambo tribute anyone?
Still, I wouldnt actually want a keyboard like that on my desk.
memeroot 21st November 2010, 17:58 Quote
"Slim/flat like the Logitech UltraX is 200% better"

nope mechanical better.... If you're not going to spend a fortune you're always better off with a cherry
Toploaded 21st November 2010, 18:30 Quote
I'm typing this on a Cherry, and even as a touch typist I personally think they are incredibly over rated. At least the Cherry 'blues' are, dunno about the other key types.
jrs77 21st November 2010, 18:49 Quote
Originally Posted by memeroot
"Slim/flat like the Logitech UltraX is 200% better"

nope mechanical better.... If you're not going to spend a fortune you're always better off with a cherry

My Logitech UltraX is still mechanical, it has just a shorter stroke due to the scissor-mechanic used then the good old Cherry G80.... so what exactly are you speaking off?
phuzz 21st November 2010, 19:04 Quote
While as a brit I find it annoying to use a US style keyboard, the toughest to use was a Turkish keyboard I used recently. Although most of the letters are in a similar place, in place of i there is the letter ı which looks similar when you're reading, but obviously doesn't work in usernames or passwords.
It took me a good five minutes to login to my webmail :(

Wading in to the slimline vs mechanical debate, I prefer the mechanical action of the basic dell keyboards of the last few years. They don't have any fancy macro keys (or even media keys which I would like), and no eye melting paint jobs either, but they work bloody well, are pretty indestructible and best of all, they're dead cheap :)
Star*Dagger 21st November 2010, 20:09 Quote
There is no gaming KB without an LCD, currently Logitech is the only one with this and will be the only company I even consider for keyboards.
There are many many keyboards out there that I would use if they had an LCD, but no LCD = No purchase.

Yours in LCD Plasma,
thehippoz 21st November 2010, 20:30 Quote
tried this gigabyte keyboard here

not too shabby and cheap
Star*Dagger 21st November 2010, 21:03 Quote
Originally Posted by thehippoz
tried this gigabyte keyboard here

not too shabby and cheap

Cheap is shabby.
That KB is completely inadequate for gaming purposes.

Some of the things that are must haves on a gaming KB
1) LCD screen,
2) Macro keys
3) Windows key lock out (lose a PvP match when windoze switches you to desktop and you will agree)
4) Laser cut back lit keys (ideally with customizable color schema)
5) Reinforced WASD keys and other engineering for gamers

And don't forget you need mice too, one for MMOs (Razor Naga) and one for FPS, but that is another story.

Yours in Go big or Go home Plasma,
thehippoz 21st November 2010, 21:09 Quote
yeah bought that for my old rig.. it's not a bad keyboard though- was actually surprised- wasn't expecting much but it seems pretty sturdy

gigabyte make pretty good stuff.. sure you can spend whatever and get the best, still doesn't make you a better gamer xD
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