Logitech G700 Review

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longweight 21st October 2011, 12:44 Quote

Mouse has just arrived and I have set it up. It is lovely! The material isn't as nice as my original MX Revolution but it's not bad. It feels almost identical and weighs 4g more than the MX.

The software is great as per usual and all of the buttons are easy to reach and click. It is sad that Logitech have opted for the physical switch on the scroll wheel, this feels very cheap and has a loud click to it. The original MX changes from ratchet to free spin automatically or, not at all depending on your preference.

Overall I am very happy with this mouse, got the sensitivity set to maximum and it zooms across my dual monitor set up. It is also a big improvement over my old R.A.T 7 which was very adjustable but had a very low profile which gave me hand cramp.

I can give other information if anyone needs it, trying to type this whilst eating lunch!

Here are a few pants images taken on my phone camera, the mice from right to left are:

Logitech G700, Logitech MX Revolution MK1, Logitech Revolution in its current form.
topgun43 14th January 2012, 02:39 Quote
The G700 is a fantastic mouse. I play BF3 and other FPS and this mouse kicks butt. Very accurate- wired or wireless.
cyberguy 29th September 2012, 14:33 Quote
Looks to me like the reviewer got a bum or pre-release mouse. I had a razer Mamba and I have to say this G700 works FAR better than that piece of junk (I got so pissed with the Mamba that I tossed it in the trash in the trash). The G700 is working flawlessly for me regardless of wireless or wired mode.

Another point of note to the reviewer: The USB cable is NOT PROPRIETARY. It is a micro-usb connection. I can use it to charge my Samsung cell phone or Asus Nexus 7 tablet. I can use my cell phone's USB cable to plug in the mouse. The only thing proprietary about the cable is the way it's plastic end is shaped to merge into the mouse 's housing. Nothing proprietary about the micro-usb connector itself.
Muerlin 25th January 2013, 05:38 Quote
It sounds like they reviewed a model with early drivers. I nave not experienced the same wireless problems with my G700. It tracks perfectly while using photoshop and when playing Tribes: Ascend.

A "RETEST" is probably in order.
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