Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator

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Blademrk 9th February 2008, 09:49 Quote
noticed in the last picture it has a USB connector, is that just to power the light up logo?
Goos!e 9th February 2008, 14:47 Quote
Can't agree on the Comfort thingy....mine sits tight and well...perhaps im not that Bigheaded as ma wifey says after all *grin*
I love the piranha.. and would only probably swap it for the barracuda... and to the question for the usb connector:yes..only lights of logo on the side of the earparts and on the control for volume/mute mic
sl1xx 9th February 2008, 16:35 Quote
Originally Posted by Blademrk
noticed in the last picture it has a USB connector, is that just to power the light up logo?

id like to know that meself,it looks the same build quality as my £5 headset fromt he fair bar the lights !
keir 9th February 2008, 18:33 Quote
looks a bit gash tbh
knuck 9th February 2008, 19:30 Quote
heh , good conclusion joe :)

Every single headset i've tried over the years have been uncomfortable for me because my head is so freaking huge. I have to use regular headphones and even then they almost all hurt. The only pair that I tried and enjoy a lot is the Sennheiser HD555 but hem.... pricey ..
legoman666 9th February 2008, 19:44 Quote
UK Price (as reviewed): £53.39 (inc. VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): $69.99 (excl. Tax)

UK = owned? 69.99 USD =35.95 GBP
DarkReaper 9th February 2008, 19:52 Quote
About par for the course, legoman :(
serial_ 10th February 2008, 00:12 Quote
I'll stick with my Skullcandy Ti s and my boom mic, thanks much.

Skullcandy makes the Ti in a gaming package, where they've mounted a stiff boom mic to the side.

I personally prefer my platform boom that sits on my desk.
[USRF]Obiwan 10th February 2008, 11:52 Quote
The problem with all 'on ear' headphones is, that after a hour of 3 into gaming your ears softbone tissue is going to hurt a lot. (at least that is my experience). So after a couple of extended hours of gametime, i had enough of the pain and switch my sennheiser PC151 for the AKG K240DF Studio headphones from my recording studio.
p1RATE 10th February 2008, 15:51 Quote
i took one look at it and though... when did tesco start making headsets? probely has the same build quality as the diamond backs and the razer keyboard, so i wouldnt expect it to last much more than a year of heavy use ^_^
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