Microsoft PC Hardware Day

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DougEdey 22nd September 2007, 15:10 Quote
The Mobile Memory Mouse 8000, all it doesn't do it bounce.

shouldn't that be "all that it doesn't do is bounce"?

And why have 1GB of memory in a mouse? I have an SD card reader in mine, much much more useful
Javerh 22nd September 2007, 15:14 Quote
Microsoft did joysticks too. I had a Microsft Sidewinder 3d Pro once.
Jordan Wise 22nd September 2007, 16:06 Quote
one thing i've learnt about technology these days is that anything with the word GIGABYTES is GOOD :D

you should start rating products with gigabytes, more people will understand!
eg: i'd give the G5 9 out of 10 gigabytes! The outside world and my luddite father can connect with things like that!
<A88> 22nd September 2007, 16:33 Quote
I really wouldn't mind a Memory 8000 actually. I've got a corded MS notebook job at the moment and although it's great quality and VFM, it struggles with white surfaces. A cordless laser mouse with the added convenience of a recharging cable would be ideal, and the receiver doubling up as a memory drive would negate the need to purchase a separate one. Just a shame it's gonna cost £75.

Edit:My mistake, actually £50- not too bad in that case, although I wish it had the underside buttons for Powerpoint presentations. Then it would be a definite purchase.

Cupboard 22nd September 2007, 16:40 Quote
I think the coolest thing about the wireless desktop id the touch sensitive d pad on one side. It can be used like a d pad or like a touchpad, and with the 2 mouse buttons on the other side its perfect for using at range.
although I wish it had the underside buttons for Powerpoint presentations.
Microsoft do make a presentation mouse, I just can't remember what it is called
<A88> 22nd September 2007, 17:02 Quote
I know, hence why I wish they'd included those features on this one ;).

naokaji 22nd September 2007, 17:04 Quote
a mouse with macro recording? lol... i can allready see it comming... you got a micosoft mouse? sorry.. its possible to cheat with it... your banned from (enter mmorpg of your choice)....
<A88> 22nd September 2007, 17:31 Quote
Doesn't the G15 have macro buttons as well? It's probably much more of a risk to cheating as well seeing as MMORPG and Strategy games generally rely more upon keys than mouse buttons.

Kipman725 22nd September 2007, 17:47 Quote
macros are easy enough to do with any computer and a basic knolwage of a programing language.
The_Beast 22nd September 2007, 18:19 Quote
I wonder how much there first mouse is worth today???
Tulatin 22nd September 2007, 18:32 Quote
"Maybe it's because my wrists have gone weak thanks to using laser mice (and having a girlfriend), but I found it remarkably heavy even by the standards of yesteryear."


Oh, and people HAVE been banned for macrocasting with the G15 in WoW.
jezmck 22nd September 2007, 18:57 Quote
feels like it’s made by solid lead.
Still, that’s all old stuff and it’s clear that Microsoft has pushed forwards since then. The company's reps at the event were quick to point out how much Microsoft has moved on since then, pointing out how it pushed forwards to...
Not wanting to be an old grumbler, but was this even proof-read?
andyl33t 22nd September 2007, 20:32 Quote
Mouse looks pretty good, but will wait and see test results.
cpemma 22nd September 2007, 21:04 Quote
Originally Posted by jezmck
Not wanting to be an old grumbler, but was this even proof-read?
"there first mouse is..."; "i can allready see it [B]comming ... your[/B] banned from..."; "a basic knolwage of a programing language..."

It's catering to all the readers.

All the correct words are catering to you and me. ;)
Woodstock 22nd September 2007, 22:56 Quote
Originally Posted by Kipman725
macros are easy enough to do with any computer and a basic knolwage of a programing language.

or a basic point and click with the right software
Cobalt 23rd September 2007, 00:01 Quote
I've heard quite a bit about how great it is that they've put the side buttons on the sidewinder (I'm not sure why that particular point is being pushed so much). Personally I don't see the point of this. With my MX518 I don't have to move my thumb, I just use the tip for the far button and the base for the near one, what's the problem? The other unfortuante thing about that mouse it that it looks ugly. I know that it shouldn't be a major problem but the angles seem unnecessary and ruins the lines of it.
Kurayamino 23rd September 2007, 01:06 Quote
OMFG LMFAO What the hell are MS thinking with that hunk of crap gaming mouse. It looks awful and lets face it they've copied Logitech with the weight cartridge system. The Logitech G5 is perfect for my hand and the thumb button is a nice bonus and of course being able to change the sensitivity as and when is cool as well! But thanks for the laugh MS!
Buzzons 23rd September 2007, 02:43 Quote
Just to say MS make/made the Game Voice ( ) and also the steering wheel :p
Hugo 23rd September 2007, 03:33 Quote
Oddly, the buttons on the "first ever mouse" were surprisingly nice to press...
xyz_sport 23rd September 2007, 06:43 Quote
Originally Posted by <A88>
I know, hence why I wish they'd included those features on this one ;).


The thing I like most about the Presenter mouse is that it's comfortable to hold upside down, and thus easier to use those functions... From what the Memory 8000 looks like, I doubt you could hold it that way.

BTW, They also made the Digital Sound System. It's pretty good, actually - too bad they stopped supporting it.
DXR_13KE 23rd September 2007, 12:14 Quote
i wish they made a real force feedback game pad.....
willyolio 23rd September 2007, 20:41 Quote
honestly, i just want a corded MX Revolution.
IccleD 24th September 2007, 00:16 Quote
I still use a Microsoft Optical Trackball, occasionally a Microsoft Strategic Commander & up until recently a Microsoft Keyboard. The keyboard had an accident with a cup of coffee, and was replaced by a G15, but only because I liked the idea of the Macro Buttons and LCD display.

I can't fault MS Hardware, I've never had any problems, and if I'm honest, all the above are at least 5+ years old and still work like new.
jezmck 24th September 2007, 07:50 Quote
I like the shape and feel of MS hardware, but I did have one keyboard go wacko.
no drinks spilled on it or anything, but now the arrow keys do other things and the win key doesn't, etc.
CardJoe 24th September 2007, 09:01 Quote
Probably the pins got knackered or theres dirt inside the shell. Take all keys off, give it hoover and then pop em all back in and I'd have thought it would be ok..
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