Zalman Dual Stereo Headphones

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Kipman725 8th September 2007, 15:54 Quote
hmm you can get better headphones for £16 and for double that you can get some second hand grados (or first hand if you are in america) which are also light weight and have a very nice sound.

For less you can get the KSC75's which while not looking very stilish are increadable for the price:
Emon 8th September 2007, 20:27 Quote
Yeah, I don't understand how any Zalman rubbish (I had their 5.1 headphones, pure crap) can get any kind of decent review when KSC75s are so cheap and so amazing. They are easily the best headphones under $100.
Ramble 9th September 2007, 13:55 Quote
Frankly, you both have awful music tastes.
Bladestorm 11th September 2007, 23:05 Quote
I've been using the zalman 5.1's for going on 14 hours a day for 3-4 years now and never really had any complaints to make about them, other than maybe the lack of a proper fold-out mic.

I think its safe to say I'm not an audiophile then ;)

Though any pair of stereo headphones I've used since have just sounded .. wrong? to me.
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