PC Specialist Magma Zen Review

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GeorgeK 20th March 2017, 09:18 Quote
The link on the first page isn't working - the one to the 1700 review

Edit: Nor the link on the last page to the The PC Customiser Venom, VR
Combatus 20th March 2017, 09:53 Quote
Sorted, thanks!
GeorgeK 20th March 2017, 12:15 Quote
No problems - nice looking system that. Did you try overclocking it?
perplekks45 20th March 2017, 12:33 Quote
Synthetic storage performance is atrocious!

And it's not really a great gaming PC in its non-oc form and for the budget, is it? I personally don't see why you would go for any of the Ryzen 7 for a gaming PC right now. For multi-threaded video encoding on the other hand...
Vault-Tec 20th March 2017, 12:41 Quote
Very nice. Good to see AMD back in pre built rigs :)
Combatus 20th March 2017, 13:01 Quote
Originally Posted by GeorgeK
No problems - nice looking system that. Did you try overclocking it?

Unfortunately time was against us - let's just say Ryzen hasn't been a particularly smooth launch for anyone!
Hustler 20th March 2017, 14:33 Quote
£1400 seems an awful lot of money for the performance on offer.
xaser04 20th March 2017, 15:52 Quote
I'm glad I am not the only one thinking that £1,400 seems like quite a lot for the spec /performance offered.
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