Overclockers UK Titan Osprey Review

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Jimbob 7th January 2017, 11:04 Quote
I'm a huge fan of Crossfire systems and owned several with decent results. However buying a new built Crossfire RX480 instead of a single 1080 (or even wait a couple of weeks for Vega) is stupid.

If you really wanted to get top results from an AMD card then buy a couple of Fury cards from eBay for similar cash.
rollo 7th January 2017, 12:37 Quote
Vega will not be released before April at earliest. AMD give a H1 2017 launch date not Q1 2017. Which means anytime before July. Anandtech confirmed as much in a recent preview they did.

I would also buy the faster single gpu as probably 90% of people would. Crossfire and SLI are just not worth the hassle.
Maki role 7th January 2017, 23:13 Quote
£1800 and a bare-wire rainbow 24 pin? No thx, perhaps if the system had no windows to begin with.
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