Zyxel PLA 5205 600Mbps Powerline Adaptor Review

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theshadow2001 30th July 2013, 11:52 Quote
Internet speeds are done in Megabits per second. Ethernet switches are rated in mega/giga bits per second and the device being reviewed is rated in megabits per second. Surely you could follow suit and use bits instead of bytes.
Combatus 30th July 2013, 12:05 Quote
That is true but pretty much every networking product we've ever reviewed has been done so in bytes - it's just easier for people to understand for example how long it will take to transfer a 1GB file if you talk in bytes rather than bits. However, where it's relevant, such as dealing with super-fast broadband speeds and potential limitations with slow powerline adaptors, then we do talk in bits.
enciem 30th July 2013, 18:17 Quote
I agree it's better t show in bytes. I also think trading standards should get them to rate the speeds more realistically.
sandys 6th August 2013, 09:32 Quote
When you compare to the Zxyel 500Mb version you are comparing the ones you reviewed which were the low end 4211 with 100Mb ethernet which caps its full speed rather than the comparable 500Mbps Zyxel the 4205/4215 which has a 1Gb ethernet port and of course cost a bit more but performs better.
ModSquid 9th August 2013, 16:30 Quote
How do these guys manage to get even close to the 500Mbps they quote when testing shows real-life to produce a third of that? What on God's Green is their lab setup?
sandys 9th August 2013, 17:54 Quote
Multiple streams gets you someway there.
LightningPete 10th August 2013, 08:06 Quote
Horrendous them quoting such speeds. Its worse than BT saying a few years ago, we'll give you 20mb broadband (but really give you 2). However these are still FAR better than wifi and much less hassle than routing Cat5 all around the side of your house walls under the carpet, especially if said PC or media box is opposite end of house.
I just dont see the need for 600mbps ones for the general user though, my 200 kit from belkin does all my internet needs including HD streaming / gaming / browsing, with all my rated broadband speed ( 72mb talktalk line )
Gradius 13th August 2013, 00:18 Quote
So, in good conditions this is just like 100Mbps, yet they still sell it labeled as "600Mbps".

What a bad joke!
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