ZyXEL PLA4231 Powerline Wireless Extender Review

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Krikkit 4th March 2013, 08:45 Quote
Looks like a solid bit of kit, surprised they haven't been more popular before now really.

Editorial note: First graph needs the kit highlighting in red. :)
Meanmotion 4th March 2013, 08:55 Quote
Ta, fixed.
Blademrk 4th March 2013, 13:25 Quote
I've got a Zyxel wireless router from my ISP. I'd agree that the wireless drop-off is pretty drastic - I get a pretty strong signal in the room the router is based in but I'm lucky if I can even pick up a signal in the next room.
I'd swap it for something else but my ISP pre-configures it's routers and doesn't supply the settings.

I ended up, using a 2nd wireless router (Linksys) I had hanging round and configuring it as an access point to get around the weak wireless signal.
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