Icy Box IB-NAS3221 NAS Review

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Cleggmeister 29th December 2010, 11:35 Quote
Hey guys, great to see NAS reviews on BT, these products are becoming more and more viable now,

One thing I would like to see is more information on the installed software that comes with these devices, particularly the media server application for streaming music, video and photos to uPnP media renderers. Early Linux based devices from Netgear and QNAP tended to ship with TwonkyMedia installed, which did a reasonable job. More recent WHS based devices often come with Asset UPnP, which is a great dedicated music server app. Many devices allow you to install your own, and further investigation from BT when reviewing the products would be very welcome.

Many thanks, and wishing you all a H.N.Y. in advance.
steveo_mcg 29th December 2010, 14:46 Quote
What's the power draw at the plug for these types of devices?
Technobod 31st December 2010, 20:19 Quote
A single single 60mm temperature-controlled fan...

Proof reading seems to be going down hill...
arcticstoat 1st January 2011, 11:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Technobod
Proof reading seems to be going down hill...

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