Asus Z87-A Review

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ZeDestructor 17th October 2013, 09:27 Quote
budget board.. and yet they spend extra to get PCI to PCI-E bridges on the boards....

Can't we just kill PCI already? If you need legacy connectors, pay for em.
r3loaded 17th October 2013, 09:54 Quote
The Z87-G45 also has a Killer ethernet controller instead of Realtek which would also tip things in favour of the MSI (though personally Intel would be more than fine for me).
SchizoFrog 17th October 2013, 13:01 Quote
Haswell seems to have killed inspiration with even motherboard makers. ASUS has long been known for it's excellent value as well as it's full on feature sets but their latest boards only seem to deliver when you have the pennies to pay for their red and black themed high end boards. All their other boards seem to underwhelm with performance and ASUS can't seem to be bothered to make them viable by making them competitive on the price front either.

Well done to MSI for their latest 'Dragon' based board designs but I just can't bring my self to trust them. For too long MSI have had a very hit and miss reputation on the quality and reliability fronts.

Haswell seems destined to become a quickly forgotten generation.
Xir 19th October 2013, 08:04 Quote
Bravo for finally testing the "basic" Asus board.

Now if you could test the Gryphon, we've got a nice basis to start comparing. ;)

This board. Not bad considering it's price. Weird that it's slower even when compared at stock speeds though.
I don't mind the missing buttons and such on the mobo, but the missing post-led is a shame, does it at least beep out errorcodes or something?
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