Intel DX79SI Review

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towelie 6th January 2012, 10:59 Quote
Intel making good gaming boards WOW!
Ljs 6th January 2012, 11:15 Quote
Intels boards haven't been half bad for a few years now, they just aren't quite competitively priced enough...
dark_avenger 6th January 2012, 11:28 Quote
Intel has always made some pretty stable boards, nice to see them try to make a gaming board. Next one might hit the mark....
kzinti1 6th January 2012, 18:04 Quote
Before I read anything other than what this boards name was, I had to expand the main pic of the board. The skull looked as if it had horns and was wearing a business suit. Weird! I never knew Intel were followers of the Anti-Christ.
Then I glanced over and immediately spotted the deal killer. The PCIe x16 slots.
If you use the 1st and 3rd slots for SLi., so your top card doesn't fry, you're gonna lose every single thing along the bottom of the board. Something ASUS also used to do and finally fixed.
Like I said, the deal killer.
Anfield 6th January 2012, 18:12 Quote
A 240£ Mainboard with only 2x Sata 3 Connectors? when are they going to sell this? 1st of April?
trig 6th January 2012, 20:08 Quote
WHAT? another sb-e board that performs nearly the same as every other board out?!! awesome...

you guys have my permission to not do any more mobo reviews for this socket until someone does something perform 5% better than the others for sub $250
Roostambar 15th January 2012, 13:22 Quote
How is this a Micro ATX board?
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