Sapphire Pure Platinum A75 Review

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edzieba 7th November 2011, 15:58 Quote
As a result, having a mini PCI-E slot could be potentially useful for fitting a small, low-profile wireless card or even a mini PCI-E SD card adaptor; if fitted with a high-capacity card, this could allow for a small Windows or Linux installation.
Or use a mini-PCI SSD that won't cause your installation to drag along at a snails pace, and less likely to suddenly die due to NAND failure (an SSD controller is built to hand that kind of workload, an SD card controller is not). After buying an adapter and a SD card from a reputable brand, the price difference won't be too great either.
docodine 7th November 2011, 18:48 Quote
a sapphire pure motherboard that isn't white? come on :(
randis1981 7th November 2011, 21:11 Quote
please revision MSI Z68A-GD65 (G3)
AlienwareAndy 7th November 2011, 23:03 Quote
I wouldn't even use a sapphire motherboard in you P.C.

Bios updates are non existant and they are impossible to communicate with as they all speak Engrish.

They should leave motherboards to the professionals.
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