MSI P67A-GD65 Review

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mi1ez 13th January 2011, 13:00 Quote
Not the end of world having the CMOS battery behind the graphics card since there's a clear CMOS button on the IO panel?
Denis_iii 13th January 2011, 14:01 Quote
I can't stand the MSI implementation of EFI, ASUS is far better IMO and will affect my purchase decisions.

Do you have any P67 MAtx m/b's waiting to be reviewed?
xaser04 13th January 2011, 15:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Article
We’d recommend buying the Asus P8P67 Pro over the GD65.

Fixed for you :)
vdbswong 13th January 2011, 18:01 Quote
Apparently they're offering 20% Cashback (for VAT) clicky.

Nice to see MSI continuing their Launch Day discounts, not as good as their P55 one, but it's still not bad either.
Eiffie 13th January 2011, 21:00 Quote
MSI is my new go-to motherboard company even since I switched from a socket 939 ASUS to a socket 1156 MSI GD-65. If I had a legit reason to upgrade, which I don't since all I do is game and do some light web browsing, the socket 1155 GD-65 would probably find it's way into my system. The line alone where bit-tech mentions there's plenty of room around the CPU socket to mount coolers sold me. If there's one thing that really kills a good motherboard for me, it's the lack of room around the CPU socket itself. If your using a stock cooler it won't really matter which motherboard you go with since they all should fit but when your putting an aftermarket fan on there, you can always use the extra space.
DaBear 13th January 2011, 21:29 Quote
Probably going to be the Asus P8P67 for me then...
xaser04 13th January 2011, 22:42 Quote
Despite my previous comment I have just purchased this motherboard. The 20% back sold it for me.
roadie 13th January 2011, 23:45 Quote
I have one waiting for an i2500K and 4gb XMS3 that are on their way. Absolute bargain at £116 with the rebate, which MSI have already received from me.
thefriscokid 14th January 2011, 04:00 Quote
What cooler have you guys been using (recommend) on the new SB processors?
xaser04 14th January 2011, 06:43 Quote
Originally Posted by thefriscokid
What cooler have you guys been using (recommend) on the new SB processors?

I will be using a Corsair H50. I used one on my old i7 920 overclocked to 3.8Ghz and it was brilliant.

I have also heard good things about the Gelid Tranquillo, Fenrir & Frio.
charismo 14th January 2011, 13:39 Quote
guys, some users of this new mobo (myself included) are experiencing MASSIVE issues with the bios, check this thread:;topicseen#new

basically, bios reports cpu at 20 ghz (!?!?) even tho cpuz reports 3.4 ghz. Nobody in this thread (now over 8 users I believe) is able to upgrade the BIOS past 1.4 and retain the ability to save configs (the bios locks, mouse pointer freezes, when trying to "save and reset" the board). And if you stay on 1.4 there is no PLL overvolt fix so you can't even get up to 4.5 ghz with a 2600k. In my case the highest I have been is 4.3 ghz and that was barely stable.

Then other things like.. just clicking on "spread spectrum" to disable it crashes the bios. This, in my opinion, is not even consumer grade quality.

Does anybody here have any good contacts with MSI? So far all I have gotten from their tech support is "please try this new bios 1.8b5" which has the same issue. Somewhere between 1.4 and 1.5 this nasty save bug seemed to have crept in but nobody can find out where since we don't have access to the beta builds from 1.5.

IF this mess can be fixed, I would actually rate the board as decent. But as it stands right now, I just wish I bought asus or even put up with the normal bios on gigabyte.
rickets187 17th January 2011, 17:17 Quote
I just bought one of these so it's a bit of a concern to read that thread on the MSI website. I guess that I'll try overclocking it this evening and see what happens.

If you are struggling with the motherboard then why not just send it back though? Don't listen to any bullsh1t from the supplier, under the Sale of Goods Act you are entitled to a full refund without any argument.
demoose 3rd August 2011, 01:10 Quote
Personally I think that if you're a novice like me who wants a top spec MB at a reasonable price but without the complications of overclocking, then this is the case to go for. I mean, just how many motherboards out there which have not 6 but 8 sata ports? I think one can't go wrong with this one. Leave the Asus for the experts.
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