First Look: MSI's budget Hydra motherboard

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perplekks45 18th May 2010, 07:17 Quote
So... a cheaper version of something extremely over-priced? Cool, cool...
Still I'm not overly interested.
Redkachina 18th May 2010, 08:25 Quote
Looking good to me..
steve30x 18th May 2010, 09:13 Quote
I like the Hydra chip idea , but it would be nice if they had it on other motherboards because I dont plan on going back to AMD again unless AMD catches up with INTEL.
Phalanx 18th May 2010, 09:16 Quote
Interesting idea. Must admit the Hydra is looking pretty good each time I hear something new.
memeroot 18th May 2010, 09:21 Quote
good luck with it - more compettiion is a good thing... though what about those 11 drivers?
Farfalho 18th May 2010, 12:36 Quote
Good luck Hydra
roadie 18th May 2010, 15:12 Quote
I'd be more interested in this board, minus the Hydra. The power phases of existing 870 boards don't look as complex or robust as this. If a board like that could be built down to under £100 and it were a great overclocker, like the Crosshair IV for example, it would be an absolute steal!
Bindibadgi 18th May 2010, 15:20 Quote
Under £100 for 10 phase DrMOS? Keep dreaming, Roadie ;)
HourBeforeDawn 18th May 2010, 19:54 Quote
I like the idea of Hydra and overall seems like a better design plan then what nVidia and ATI have in terms of their multi card solutions but this is still fairly young and can be improved upon but still impressive.
salesman 19th May 2010, 02:26 Quote
I like the idea of a camouflage tablecloth it speaks simple yet hard to see which is a great backdrop for this MB.
rickysio 19th May 2010, 07:28 Quote
Originally Posted by salesman
I like the idea of a camouflage tablecloth it speaks simple yet hard to see which is a great backdrop for this MB.

I prefer this camo pattern over the digital one.
LightningPete 21st May 2010, 14:48 Quote
Somehow im as unconvinced as the first Hydra board.... and the next, and the next.
Arj12 23rd May 2010, 00:48 Quote
Interesting idea, atleast this will allow more flexibility when choosing motherboards and graphics cards when you want to go to x-fire/sli. Mind you it's still quiet far from being mainstream so it'll be interesting to keep an eye on this and how it's received.
bw67958 21st June 2010, 10:24 Quote
Good idea but I don't think it will catch on really.
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