Asus Rampage III Extreme Motherboard Review

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Phalanx 13th May 2010, 09:09 Quote
Wow, that was quite a big shock! However it's nice to see my UD3R giving something like the R3E a good pasting! :D
mi1ez 13th May 2010, 09:16 Quote
what are those removable chips in the 3rd pic on page 2? look like op-amps. Don't think they can be BIOS chips as they only have 8 pins each!
Ph4ZeD 13th May 2010, 09:25 Quote
Not really seeing the value for money with this board :)
-VK- 13th May 2010, 09:50 Quote
It's important to remember, this board is aimed at "Extreme Overclockers". There's a reason that this board features in a lot of the current overclocking world records and that's because it's performance isn't truly at it's peak under air cooling.
NuTech 13th May 2010, 09:56 Quote
Originally Posted by -VK-
It's important to remember, this board is aimed at "Extreme Overclockers".
You mean the guys who tweak multipliers while snowboarding and spraying Lynx deodorant on themselves?

Ahh, those guys.
Jack_Pepsi 13th May 2010, 09:58 Quote
I was about to say that even though I find this board highly desirable, I'm not it's target audience no matter how much I like to think of myself of as an extreme OC'er. I just wouldn't be able to do this board justice.

I am pleased to see that ASUS and ATi have managed to take back the extreme performance crown in Vantage on Orb!


Will ASUS be working on a dual socket board in the not so distant future or is this R3E the king of the hill?
bodkin 13th May 2010, 10:01 Quote
Any idea if there will be a rampage iii formula and gene?
rickysio 13th May 2010, 10:50 Quote
Originally Posted by mi1ez
what are those removable chips in the 3rd pic on page 2? look like op-amps. Don't think they can be BIOS chips as they only have 8 pins each!

BIOS chips.
Omnituens 13th May 2010, 11:08 Quote
I was really hoping I could get this board, and what with you reviewing it on my birthday I was like, IT'S FATE! I WILL HAVE THAT BOARD!

But it's a little out of my price range. I'll just have to put up with my shockingly bad gigash*te x58-UD5 :(
Instagib 13th May 2010, 11:27 Quote
Pretty hard to justify what with a UD3R doing much the same for half the price. Still, looks sexy.
Bloody_Pete 13th May 2010, 14:36 Quote
The first good red themed board... and bit-tech, shame on you, why no watercooling goodness?
rollo 13th May 2010, 14:38 Quote
If you tested this on water cooled setup for CPU and graphics you would understand why it's used in all performance records. Make no mistake at £330 it's not a board for your 930s to go into

980s and duel or tri 5870s all under water cooling Is the target area

can we get a water cooling loop setup on this and ud3r with same water cooling

and then see what goes the highest. Stick 980 chip in both and see how far you get
mrbens 13th May 2010, 15:15 Quote
What a disappointing motherboard for that price.

I like this bit: "The SATA ports are reasonably rapid, tooo although" should be "rapid too, although" :)
IXON 13th May 2010, 15:25 Quote
Never been a fan of expensive mobo's, i can overclock my i7 920 to 4.2Ghz easily using just the Gigabyte UD3R, but run it 24/7 at 3.8Ghz under stock volts, as to me this is more than enough for my daily use.

I see alot of people that buy these kind of mobo's just for the sake of e-penis status, without actually ever using or needing the full array of feature's.

If a Gigabyte UD3R both SATA II & SATA III version clock to 4Ghz for £152, why spend £329 just to clock to the same 4Ghz. as alot of people have been doing, just a waiste of money in my book.
Jack_Pepsi 13th May 2010, 15:57 Quote
It's been stated though IXON that this board is targeted at the extreme (LN2) overclockers and not the average enthusiast. So, for that audience, it isn't a waste of money but a very worthy investment. I do agree with you however, if bought one with the idea of using it for extreme OC'ing but not actually doing so, then I would have wasted a lot of money.
Bloody_Pete 13th May 2010, 16:32 Quote
Can't it also run for longer at higher overclocks too though?
Farfalho 13th May 2010, 16:56 Quote
At least, out-of-the-box seems like a Flop. I know that every RoG motherboards gets it's full cover waterblock so when some are out, could you make a review with it since most of the buyers will get this sucker on water?
M7ck 13th May 2010, 16:58 Quote
-VK- 13th May 2010, 16:59 Quote
As I mentioned above, you can't really do the Rampage III Extreme justice on air and I agree with James in this review, it's tough to justify the price if you're just going for a 4 Ghz overclock on a 930...

However, if you are in the niche where you want to smash world records and prove to your friends that you really do having the biggest e-peen, it's the board for you.

Also as a shameless plug, I'll be giving one away if ASUS UK's Facebook page reaches 1000 fans. Check it out here;
true_gamer 13th May 2010, 17:56 Quote
How the hell can they charge so much for a motherboard. I remember buying the ix38 Asus Maximus Extreme at £195 and I thought that was over priced.
I refuse to by a motherboard for more than £200. Anything over that is not worth it as there are new Intel Socket 1567 coming out soon.
(Good old rip off Britain) You may have to add that extra 2.5% VAT increase to the price, if that goes ahead soon.
Time to move country!!
pimonserry 13th May 2010, 18:27 Quote
I love the heatsink design.

Bit odd that the 6Gbps ports are slower than the 3Gbps ports though..
And that it's notably slower in games :(
thehippoz 13th May 2010, 18:40 Quote
like the evga classified board.. it's meant to be abused by a monkey
Amanda 1983 13th May 2010, 19:02 Quote
How does it compare to the classy's, I wonder
d3m0n_edge 13th May 2010, 22:44 Quote
Well, these boards emphasised for the extreme overclocker. Or better yet, I much prefer the term "bragging rights" rather than e-peen. If people do buy this, whether to overclock or not, it's only because they can! And I say this proudly as I'm only running a 920 at 4GHz stable on stock voltages under water. Way to go Asus!!
SMIFFYDUDE 14th May 2010, 14:32 Quote
Eeek £330. Makes me feel smug about getting my Rampage II Extreme for £160. I don't feel so bad about it being superseded so soon after purchasing it.
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