Asus P6X58D Premium Motherboard Review

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IT Troll 5th May 2010, 13:44 Quote
This is a great board. However you may want to take a look at the P6X58D-E which is now available (one week after I bought the Premium no less). It drops a couple of the Premium's features but at around £172 it is much better value overall.

P6X58D-E has Marvell 9128 while the P6X58D Premium has a Marvell 9123 Controller. The improved controller on the E version supports RAID in SATA 6GB while the Premium does not.

P6X58D-E also has a VIA VT6308P controller while the P6X58D Premium has a VIA VT6308 (IEEE 1394).

P6X58D-E only has one Gigabit LAN controller Marvell 88E8056 while the P6X58D Premium has two.

P6X58D-E doesn't have the RESET button on the motherboard while the P6X58D Premium does.

P6X58D-E has a slightly reduced chipset cooling arrangement compared to the Premium.

P6X58D-E also doesnt come with the Optional Fan for water-cooling or passive-cooling while the P6X58D Premium does.

Although I don't regret buying the Premium, if I was buying again I would go for the P6X58D-E and save the difference.
FeRaL 5th May 2010, 17:53 Quote
The thing that kept me from going with this board and instead going with a GA X58A-UD3R was the fact that this ASUS board doesn't have any IDE ports on it and I wasn't about to throw down $300 on a motherboard that didn't have at least one and then have to spend more money on SATA optical drives/burners to replace the perfectly good IDE ones I have from an upgraded older rig that was being retired. the UDR3 was a natural choice for $100 less.
kzinti1 5th May 2010, 19:03 Quote
I've been using this board since January. Why the extra long delay in your testing it? As ITTroll stated, there's even a new iteration of this board that you should've tested instead of this (relatively speaking, of course) dinosaur! Bit-Tech must be one of those sites that, instead of doing as we real people, going out and buying what we want out of the warehouse or retail shelf, and wait for the manufacturers to send you one of their hand-built, in-factory tested, absolute epitome of their product. For the rest of us it's WYSIWYG. My 1st P6X58D-Premium was doa. That happens to real people. I've never heard a review site admit this. Probably because Uncle Sugar at AsusTec wouldn't donate any more of their pre-tested payola machinery.
Even in testing you didn't do it properly. The most expensive, highest performance cpu to test overclockability? Why not an I7-930? The whole point of overclocking is to get the most bang for your buck. If you want to prove this board then take a 930 from the stock 2.8GHz to almost 5 (or even more) GHz. THAT is how you test overclockability! Then back off the OC until absolute stability at max. OC is accomplished.
You're right about the color scheme. It does more than a little bit resemble a Gagabyte mobo.
BTW, would you please confirm the memory you used for testing?
rockyourazz 5th May 2010, 19:38 Quote
Ooooo..... How interesting.... Not the Motherboard (Which is OLD NEWS) - But your choices in these past weeks to publish articles about the last generation instead of the latest generation of motherboards.

First the EVGA Micro that was released almost A YEAR AGO - and now instead of releasing a review for the P6X58D-E - you find it right to release a review of its older brother P6X58D-Premium which is not half as interesting as its better featured and much better priced little brother. And this MB has also been around for a while now...

I asked before when you released the EVGA Micro review why are you reviewing old parts as if they are new or interesting and not reviewing the stuff that is coming out now? You told me that you have a review of the Rampage Extreme III but don't want to fill the reviews with many motherboards - and yet you have released quite a few MB reviews since then quite freely... I am starting to doubt you even had a look at the Rampage III - let alone reviewed it...

I am pissed.... There is something funky going on there at the bit-tech offices... These changes that were made in the bit-tech operation are horrible and this looks like the end of a great hardware news site.... IT ISN'T NEWS IF IT ISN'T NEW !!!

I really regret taking the stupid questionnaire and giving you praises for things that I am finding now aren't true anymore !!!

I hope you return to being a good site one day - till then.... have a good one...
Makaveli 5th May 2010, 22:22 Quote
I sense a disturbance in the force!
Lizard 5th May 2010, 22:35 Quote
Re kzinti1 and rockyourazz - if as you seem to imply you've been reading bit-tech for a while then you know we haven't reviewed any EVGA products for years. However, recently EVGA has restructed its marketing/PR team and so is now sending out review samples.

Yes, the X58 SLI Micro is not a brand new product, but it will be new to many bit-tech readers. As for the Rampage III Extreme review, in point of fact the testing is more or less complete, but this board was tested first, and as I already explained in a previous post we're not going to put a ton of motherboard reviews up on one day/week - it simply makes no commerical sense.

As for overclocking, when it comes to QPI/Baseclock it makes precious little difference what Core i7 you use - they're all pretty much limited to 220MHz or so.

What's more, as the review states we drop the CPU multiplier anyway when overclocking, so that the motherboard is the limiting factor - not the CPU.

That being the case it makes sense to use the most power hungry/hot running CPU you can to give the motherboard a real work out, and that is the 980X.
Farfalho 5th May 2010, 22:50 Quote
And that my friends, you get a humilty lesson from BT. Well done lizard.
kzinti1 5th May 2010, 23:44 Quote
Humility? What's humility.
You must mean the humiliation of a site that kow-tows to Manufacturers so said review site can receive freebies from them. You know, instead of buying real world samples and testing them instead. Of course, you would have to start selling space to a lot of advertisers so you could afford all these terribly expensive items to review. Oops! So that's what all these pictures with prices are that are all over this site! Then what's happened to all the advertising revenue?
"The most power hungry/hot running CPU." For Overclocking? Whatever you say noo...I mean, my friend.
Yes I've been reading Bit-Tech for years. I've earned the right to comment on it as I see fit. I read the ads here, too.
Lizard 6th May 2010, 00:09 Quote
Humility is a characteristic you seem to be missing kzinti1, along with the point.

Going around accusing us (bit-tech) of kow-towing to manufacturers is completely ridiculous and unfounded, especially as the two reviews you have commented on, this one, and the EVGA X58 SLI Micro get negative reviews and both conclusions sum up by saying you shouldn't buy either product.

As for the Core i7-980X - check the Intel datasheets if you don't believe bit-tech; it is the most power hungry LGA1366 CPU and (therefore) also runs the hottest.
Xir 6th May 2010, 08:56 Quote
...If I don't USE all that thinghamajig and don't overclock (apart from turboboost) I just buy a
P6T SE for 160euros?
P6X68D-E for 195euros?
Lizard 6th May 2010, 10:07 Quote
Originally Posted by Xir
...If I don't USE all that thinghamajig and don't overclock (apart from turboboost) I just buy a
P6T SE for 160euros?
P6X68D-E for 195euros?

If you're not planning on overclocking and don't need USB 3/SATA 6Gbps then yes the P6T SE is a better buy - but if you wait till Friday there's an even better board getting reviewed.
bigg rie 6th May 2010, 16:02 Quote
Great Review... I really need that Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R review! I'm really close to buying the MOBO but I'd like you guy's take on it!

Keep up the great work!
The boy 4rm oz 7th May 2010, 03:51 Quote
I have seriously been considering purchasing this board for my new PC. It may be a little bit over priced but the colours match my planned mod perfectly, the Gigabyte boards just visually don't do it for me.
Cyberpower-UK 7th May 2010, 09:32 Quote
I've just had a P6X58D-E land on my desk, all it seems to lose is the reset switch and a slightly weaker cooling system with no heatpipe between SB & NB and £30 off the price. So look out for this board if your budget is tight. I haven't tested it but given the uniformity of OC performance on most ASUS X58 boards I'm expecting it to be on par with the Premium.
Cyberpower-UK 7th May 2010, 12:21 Quote
P6X58D-E 4.5GHz OC on first boot!
Xir 7th May 2010, 12:36 Quote
Originally Posted by Lizard
If you're not planning on overclocking and don't need USB 3/SATA 6Gbps then yes the P6T SE is a better buy - but if you wait till Friday there's an even better board getting reviewed.

Oh I've waited...actually I'm not sure what socket to buy, so I'm deciding on boards for both :D

Looks like a tie between:
GA-X58A-UD3R and GA-P55M-UD2 though

My guess is, without overclocking and with the same graphicscart (5870), the i860 would probably beat the i930 when gaming. hmmm
Cyberpower-UK 7th May 2010, 15:00 Quote
If you want SLi or CF go with 930, otherwise 860 is fine.

Settled on 4.2GHz on the P6X58D-E. Definitely worth the saving over the Premium.
vyper1cav 12th March 2011, 21:30 Quote
Hello this is my first post. does bit-tech ever give up how they reached a 4.4 settings on voltages settings etc? on a P6X58D-P asus motherboard, the mult-22 is there, but how to work it on a intel 930, 4.2 and 4.3 are a simple overclock. 4.4 is tuff.
kzinti1 14th March 2011, 03:36 Quote
All you need is here:
Yes, I know they all say that they're for 920's. Most have settings listed for 930's as well. Just look through them. Read through the entire thread to learn more than you'll ever want to know about both iterations of the P6X58D motherboards.
The settings listed are also a good starting point for any X58 AFAIAC.
vyper1cav 15th March 2011, 04:10 Quote
Thanks for the info some of it works, but still unstable at 4.2 wile trying to play call of duty black ops seem to get game locks and also system fails not all the time though. I do have a question is it better to run all ram slots full are just 3? are does it matter? using dominator 6gb 1600 I have done quite a few system and HD test all comes back fine I'm using bios 1301.
kzinti1 15th March 2011, 18:54 Quote
The manual, which I can't find since I finally cleaned off my desk so I can find things when I need them (Dammit!), lists all the various compatible ram configurations.
I own a 930 but have never used it. Same with a 950. All I really know is that the 920 I've been running at 4.4MHz. for the last 6 months, is completely stable 24 x 7. When it comes to cpu's, they are as individual as people. I got very lucky with my 920. My others could very well be lemons as could be yours. If your cpu won't stabilize then there's at least a 90% chance that it is NOT your motherboard or memory at fault. It's either your, very individual, cpu or you. There's a slight chance that there's something wrong with your power supply but if it's been powering your system so far I would rule that out and just be looking for another cpu on sale somewhere, IF you really think that you need the extra few MHz.
How are your temps.? Mine became perfectly stable only after I installed a Corsair H70 liquid cooled cpu cooler. My next 2 builds, already in progress, are going to have full watercooling systems. I'm also looking for a cheap, steady supply of liquid nitrogen or dry ice for some suicide runs. No luck, so far. Strange, that. Since I live in a fishing community I thought dry ice would be easy to find.
vyper1cav 16th March 2011, 02:47 Quote
Hey, thanks for the info, the power supply is a 910/80+ pc power and supply. The system will do 4.2 on different setting I got from HhgwbUJl50w and it seemed to work at 4.0 also with some voltage adjustments 4.2.

Well I guess this is all the 930 will do I'm not ready to push the voltage pass the 1.376 it seems crazy to keep raising cpu voltage to get it stable, then you deal with heat. BUT i do have a dryer hose connected to a ac vent that i connected to the H50 in the back of the tower that helps keep it cooler, and works great for now. quick question how does the H70 work compared to the H50? also I'm running 2 gtx480's in sli and a gt 240 for physic in a HAF X cooler master case, 3 ssd 80 in raid and 1TB 7200 RPM for storage. So a lot of stuff in this system including a creative HD sound card so it is full up, almost...
FDAD 19th March 2011, 15:02 Quote
Originally Posted by kzinti1
All you need is here:
Yes, I know they all say that they're for 920's. Most have settings listed for 930's as well. Just look through them. Read through the entire thread to learn more than you'll ever want to know about both iterations of the P6X58D motherboards.
The settings listed are also a good starting point for any X58 AFAIAC.

That's a very good guide!;)
The P6X58D are very solid (to a certain point of course...)
kzinti1 22nd March 2011, 01:43 Quote
I'm glad I could point you in the right direction but thanks to xmisery and BlackDragon24 of for these settings! I can't imagine what someone has to go through to come up with all these settings.
This is truly one of the best motherboards ever from ASUS or anyone else. I'm not so sure about the "E" version of this mobo. I don't own one but I've read that they are nowhere near as stable as the "Premium" version and the "E" also just loves extra voltage.
Anyone contemplating one of these boards, do yourself a favor and drop the extra cash for the "Premium" version. It certainly isn't late in the game for the X58 platform and this specific motherboard will be up and running, excellently, for years to come.
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