MSI Click BIOS - Evaluating UEFI

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quack 13th January 2009, 10:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Saivert
Yes, they had some BIOS versions with mouse support many years ago, but it got canned. Think it took up too much space that they later used for things like USB support. Also not really needed.
Are you saying USB support is not needed?
Splynncryth 13th January 2009, 22:04 Quote
Originally Posted by kosch
I'm looking forward to being able to export all my bios settings as a text file on a flash disk. This will save so much time when discussing/comparing OC settings on a forum.

You can kind of do that with UEFI now assuming you can boot to the EFI shell:
dmpstore * > fs0:\vars.txt

Typically though, all the settings you can change in the setup screens are stored in one big data lump based on a C data structure. It should be handy for OEMs when more ship boards with UEFI, and it has been helpful for some of the work I do. If they keep this system in the future and UEFI is common, OEMs will disclose at least some of what is in the structure for things like tech support.
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