Early Look: Gigabyte GA-EX58-Extreme

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Denis_iii 10th October 2008, 08:33 Quote
time to drop ide and ps2 across the board but especially on an "Extreme" mobo
proxess 10th October 2008, 08:36 Quote
i don't like the clear cmos button around the back. imagine your reaching back to unplug your audio jack cause you need your speakers and.... uuuuuuups....
The boy 4rm oz 10th October 2008, 09:22 Quote
I think they should actually keep the IDE connector, at least one. A lot of people still use IDE drives and will continue to because they do just a good a job than SATA drives for most people. But I do agree with you Denis on the PS2 connectors, they really should be gone by now.
Xtrafresh 10th October 2008, 09:31 Quote
we've had this discussion before methinks, but on a 300+ pounds board with a full TEN sata ports, is it really that strange to expect a user to toss in 15 pounds for an el cheapo SATA drive? Most of the people that use this will go the whole 9 yards and go for BR-drives anyway.

Typical price for a system like this:
300 mobo
600-1000 CPU
300 GPU (and that's without going SLI/CF)
200 storage
150 case
150 PSU

That makes at LEAST 2000. A simple SATA DVD drive would drive up cost by a grand total of 1%
Spring cleaning, dump the connector!

Otherwise, sexy sexy board!
kenco_uk 10th October 2008, 09:51 Quote
Originally Posted by person blindly fumbling about in dark places

Extra SATA is always welcome and these sockets can just be used as normal, single hard drive sockets instead of RAID, so a total of ten will certainly give some of our storage-loving members a hard drive-on, but we are somewhat concerned about the bandwidth narrowing from two SATA to one SATA to a single PCI-Express x1 lane.

The four J-Micron sata ports - would they be able to take a sata optical drive?
Bindibadgi 10th October 2008, 09:52 Quote
I'm pretty sure they can, as long as the SATA device supports ACHI mode compatibility I think. I'll check when I get it.
djDEATH 10th October 2008, 10:01 Quote
more i see of these X58s, the more i want one. Just want to see how the Memory overvolting thing pans out. Its realy quite worrying for such a high end chipset that the highest end memory wont work.
impar 10th October 2008, 11:46 Quote

Anyone else thinks three RAM slots would be enough?
Why waste PCB with three other RAM slots that will be vacant in ~99,4% of the systems?
SuperNova 10th October 2008, 12:21 Quote
Is it just me that cant understand why they type "Clr CMOS" on the button? I mean there is clearly room to for "Clear CMOS". It allmost looks like the Memory gets a 3-Phase power unit though.
Jipa 10th October 2008, 15:00 Quote
The color scheme makes pandas cry. Seriously PLEASE, Gigabyte...
Saivert 10th October 2008, 15:29 Quote
Why should a motherboard like EX58 look better than my GA-p35-DS4?


an yeah, legacy connectors must go. And where is my Unified Extensible Firmware Interface?
Nature 10th October 2008, 15:39 Quote
Who will be the manufaturer supplying draft n as standard as an ethernet!??? WHOO!!!!!!??? and when you &*(^#%! eunuchs!!!!! what gen will be "next" enough???????
<Blake> 10th October 2008, 15:42 Quote
Will this have UD3? i skimmed over the article as it is late here in AUS, will read properly tommorrow.
<Blake> 10th October 2008, 16:22 Quote
never mind i looked at the picture of the mobo. this will be UD3....
mrb_no1 10th October 2008, 18:15 Quote
I'm an asus boy but people over at extreme forums love gigabyte and rate them as the number 1 board manufacturer, esp. for overclockers and they put asus in third with someone like msi/abit taking 2nd place. As it is i'm more and more interested in gigabyte boards for my next upgrade from my current piece o crud, the 680i chipset. Despite the god awful looks on a gigabyte, are they really that good rich?


Bindibadgi 10th October 2008, 18:33 Quote
Yea, but I've personally had a lot of success with Asus stuff. XS is excellent in their own way, but for the more mainstream to high end overclocker, without going extreme, either will suit. Gigabyte do do excellent BIOS' though.

MSI is a bit more hit and miss like DFI sometimes, but lacks heavy beta support from a community.
Cupboard 10th October 2008, 19:48 Quote
The board says it has "h/w RAID". I presume it is taking the piss?

edit: just found the bit where it talk about it. IS it the case you either have two drive raid 1, two drive raid 0 or a single drive per purple socket?

edit2: eeek! I have been rick-relixed!
biebiep 11th October 2008, 11:21 Quote
Did anyone see the pics of the board with all the stock cooling on it?
I'm betting it weighs in over 5kg :p
Bindibadgi 11th October 2008, 12:13 Quote
Originally Posted by Cupboard
The board says it has "h/w RAID". I presume it is taking the piss?

edit: just found the bit where it talk about it. IS it the case you either have two drive raid 1, two drive raid 0 or a single drive per purple socket?

naokaji 11th October 2008, 12:18 Quote
All the x58 boards where pictures have shown up on the web including the gigabyte one mentioned here look very cramped, I think they should move to eatx as a standard for highend boards.
Sublym3 11th October 2008, 14:19 Quote
Mobo wish List:
- Drop legacy stuff (IDE, PS2 etc)
- Start using EFI or whatever its called
- Drop onboard audio
- Drop PCI - Have like 1 or 2 PCI-E x16 slots and the rest PCI-E x4
- Drop all the extra stupid little thing they add on

I think buy trimming off all the crap that 'gamers' and 'hardcore whatevers' dont need we could end with with a fast and cheap mobo.
Bindibadgi 11th October 2008, 14:34 Quote
Quality onboard audio, or the choice of audio is very useful.
PS2 keyboard - still very useful for BIOS compatibility.
PCI - still selling on many things, but by having WiFi and Ethernet onboard means fewer of these slots are needed.

If you don't want to use the stuff - disable it in the BIOS. They do do vanilla cheap boards like the DS3Rs for example.
IanW 11th October 2008, 14:40 Quote
/me wonders why mobo makers don't just dump the IDE slot & bundle a SATA > IDE dongle with the board?
(Or is this a Microsoft thing? :()

Sublym3 - You want fast+cheap mobo? Look at Asrock.
metarinka 13th October 2008, 04:28 Quote
I still use both ide hdd's and a ps2 mouse, not to mention my Digital audio convertor is pci based
metarinka 13th October 2008, 04:29 Quote
errr make that a ps2 keyboard... I don't know anyone who uses a ps2 mouse.

my next keyboard will invariably be usb though
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