Foxconn DigitaLife A79A-S

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Sebbo 15th September 2008, 08:42 Quote
nice to see one of the 790fx+sb750 boards reviewed, but how about the other one (the Asus m3a79-t)? would be especially interesting to see how it performs compared to its predecessor
mrb_no1 15th September 2008, 10:18 Quote
i agree with sebbo, plus in my eyes asus is vastly superior to the likes of foxconn in board making as that is my preference, so maybe the chipset can perform when engineered by asus. We all know you can never get enough of mobo's and psu's anyway Rich :P


Kúsař 15th September 2008, 11:32 Quote
Average MB for premium price...I'm rather interested in M3A79-T.
BlueSkyNIS 15th September 2008, 19:01 Quote
Yea, I am also expecting an ASUS board review. Has anyone reviewed M3A78-T board?
Jasio 15th September 2008, 19:08 Quote
200 pounds in the UK but only $197 in the US? Wow that's a real price difference there... talk about being shafted. Regardless of whether you're in the UK or USA, you'd be crazy to buy something like this. Picking up an older P35 would go a lot further than this. What was Foxxconn smoking when they considered the price? This is more of a ~$130 product, even then I wouldn't consider it (rather pickup a P45).

Looks ugly too.
HourBeforeDawn 15th September 2008, 20:54 Quote
ya I myself am also more interested in the ASUS variant of this board and wondering how well it performs.

Also is there any 790GX boards that offer dual PCI-E x16 or does that chipset only come in a dual pci-e x8?
Bindibadgi 15th September 2008, 23:09 Quote
790GX is dual x8

790FX is dual x16
HourBeforeDawn 16th September 2008, 04:10 Quote
ya bummer, well then its the 790fx for me, I wonder whats taking the rest of the market so long to get their 790fx sb750 boards out >_<

Wish I could see the same enthusiasm as I do on the intel side...
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