First Look: Intel's X48 Chipset

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wuyanxu 27th November 2007, 13:18 Quote
wow, P35 is now low end??

i'd love to see some gaming comparison between a good P35 (*cough*Abit ip35 pro*cough*) with a X48 chipset, i highly doubt the overclocking ability and a few small tweaks that only with benchmark will pick up is worth the extra money. (besides crossfire of course, but then, X38 would be enough? )
mrb_no1 27th November 2007, 13:28 Quote
small changes, but progress none the less....such is life.
Nexxo 27th November 2007, 14:31 Quote
So is the X48 not the hot and spicy option that we expect? Instead of great tasting food you just go straight to the noxious and potentially explosive rear end result.
:) Nice way of putting it...
ryanjleng 27th November 2007, 17:35 Quote
yeah, P35 was never designed as a highend chipset. IMHO, i think it is better to get P38 with biffy CPU-GPU and maxed out ram. I am waiting to get myself a P51 and fly around with snoopy. :)

i think the Corsair C4 Dominator 2GB kit is so cheap, everyone should just get 2 for 4GB. It ain't gonna go down south any much further. Wonder how many can fit into my P51...
b1g-d0g 27th November 2007, 21:27 Quote
So when will we see these X48 boards then?
[USRF]Obiwan 28th November 2007, 14:12 Quote

Tell me. In what is the X48 actually better to justify it as a "needed" upgrade. Except for being very expensive and forcing me to buy 400 euro DD3 sticks. (its a damn conspiracy)

I see nothing or any sort of claim its better in ......... (fill here)
Shielder 29th November 2007, 13:38 Quote
IMO, the X48 seems to be a waste of money. It doesn't offer anything that X38 does, but costs much more. Why then should we pay out for it?

Bindibadgi 29th November 2007, 14:15 Quote
Originally Posted by b1g-d0g
So when will we see these X48 boards then?

Early next year.

I've been told by Asus they have a BIOS that offers some improvement, but I seriously doubt it's going to be anything spectacular that can't be applied to X38 since the chipset underneath is the same core piece of silicon, as far as I've been told.
AcidJiles 30th November 2007, 18:26 Quote
BlueTrin 15th December 2007, 23:10 Quote
I am confused now about what to buy ... It seems very expensive for really next to no performance increase ... I would rather put my money in a better GPU or even a SLI rather than buying this ...

Seems to be a niche market for those who already maxed out the speed of CPU, GPU, RAM and HD ...
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