Biostar TForce4 U 775

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LAGMonkey 13th April 2006, 17:36 Quote
3.3volts!!!! at the change of a jumper. Thats Emmit Brown Crazy!!

An enjoyable read and intersting as BioStar make my SSF and so far thats performed flawlessly and i was thinking of getting a proper one. I might hold back on that move for the time being.

Cheers Bit-T ;)
Kameleon 13th April 2006, 17:46 Quote
And I thought the jumper on old Asus boards that instantly stuck 0.3V more than set in BIOS through your RAM was crazy...
hitman012 13th April 2006, 23:42 Quote
That's what you call lazy; having a jumper that feeds it 3.3V direct from the PSU. Makes you think that they put a lot of thought into the board...
NoahFuLing 16th April 2006, 06:44 Quote
Anyone notice something weird on the graphic (at least in my opinion)?
This one:
It looks like a 939 with a big T on it, rather than a true Socket T 775.

Good review overall. I always enjoy reading about tech!

3.3v?!?! Holy frijoles! That's like running 7v through an LED! Something smells strange here. And not the DDR2 burning.
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