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Tim S 30th March 2006, 11:36 Quote
Originally Posted by lepre
otm3x 31st March 2006, 04:55 Quote
I am always a fan of Abit's MB. I like their design and " sole " .

For the extra 4-pin Molex power connector for SLI .
I suppose it would be a better idea to put it is now , or putting it above the first PCI-express X16 slot.

rather than at a spot near the SATA . I would say engineers design it that for cleaner
power for the GPUs . I remember it was a selling point for the Asus' first SLI MB.
Dm5er 5th May 2006, 23:22 Quote

Can you share if you still have it the LDT settings? I'm running 4X on all 3 options and having some stablity issues. Do you suggest to lower the multi to 8x instead of 11x? I'm currently running San Diego 3700+ with default multi.

Tim S 9th May 2006, 14:29 Quote
I forgot to reply to this - I'm really sorry for that. It's quite crazy at the moment with only two of us working out of the office this week.

Anyway, I had LDT set to 5x on all three options and 16/16 both ways on both K8->NB and NB->SB. Here's a pic of the BIOS settings page:

I ran the board with the CPU at its default multiplier (in this case 14x for FX-57). We've also ran FX-60 and a 3700+ San Diego at default settings in the board, too.
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