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phuzz 29th November 2005, 14:09 Quote
Wish I'd known about this board before I splashed out on a 6800 AGP :(
ps, it would have been nice to see some tests using a S754 3700+, just to see what a fast system would look like...
alastor 29th November 2005, 14:30 Quote
There is the now-standard 24-pin ATI 2.0 along with the additional 4-pin 12v power connector located next to the left hand corner of the CPU socket.
Graphics on the brain Tim? :p

Great article as always, looks like a good upgrade path for those with 754 setups.
Tim S 29th November 2005, 14:32 Quote
I type ATI too much :o
Nature 30th November 2005, 08:55 Quote
As long as brands are going back to building weaker technology for better graphics cards, I'd sure as hell like to see a socket 462 Sli
Tim S 30th November 2005, 15:54 Quote
I don't think that would ever be possible - nForce4 doesn't have a memory controller, whereas the likes of nForce2 do.
Nature 1st December 2005, 08:20 Quote
Who brang you to the party? My barton 2600 with two GTX'S!!!!!
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