Shuttle SD31P

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dire_wolf 15th July 2005, 14:37 Quote

Have I been playing far too much HL2 or does that look like an evil western digital brain crab ?
Tim S 15th July 2005, 14:47 Quote
haha, now you mention it, yes it does :D
preatorian 15th July 2005, 17:09 Quote
lol dire_wolf :P

anyway, what's the price-tag on this baby ?
Da Dego 15th July 2005, 23:13 Quote
Hehe...braincrabs got 'im. That's why he couldn't get down that far in the article. ;)
LordGuyver 21st July 2005, 16:17 Quote
I have just built my SD31P and I have had a few problems and a few questions that I would like reviewed.

My Build:
Intel Pentium D 830 3.0 gHz
2 GB PQI DDR2 667 Ram
Gigabyte GeForce 7800GTX
2 x Hitachi SATA300 250GB Hard Drives in Raid 0 Array
Sony DVD-RW w/Dual Layer
Windows XP x64

My Problems:
1. During installation of Windows XP x64 the system would BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) while windows was attempting to install device drivers. After some testing I found that the Raid Driver provided by Shuttle was causing the BSOD. I tested this by elimating the use of RAID and reverted to single drive. The installation was successful with no RAID.
2. When using CPU-Z to verify my installation I found that my TRAS is not reporting correctly.
3. I was able, with some careful shuffling install my new GeForce 7800GTX video card into the case with the fan duct. It is very tight. The duct sits against the PCB and does touch the little capacitor on the end of the card.
4. After installing the updated raid controller management application I saw that my two RAID 0 drives were running at SATA 150 and not SATA 300. I have tried to set in BIOS the RAID Drive Port Speed to SATA II, but that didn’t fix the problem.

My Solutions:
1. I rebuilt the RAID 0 array, and during installation used an Intel RAID Driver for this chipset which I downloaded from Intel’s website. The problem BSOD was gone.
2. No Solution.
3. No Solution.
4. No Solution.

My Questions:
1. I am hoping that shuttle will fix this issue by releasing a newer version of the BIOS? I wish they would put some drivers, support, etc on the website for this model?
2. Same as above.
3. They need to release a newer version of the fan duct so it will accommodate the GeForce 7800GTX cards better? They should make this free to the bleeding edge crowd!
4. I would think this can be dealt with through a BIOS update?

Overall I am very pleased with the rig. I was after something small and portable (LAN Party Trips) which could play the big games like BF2, H2, and Swat 4. Of course I needed it to do some other things like pay the bills too.

Lord Guyver
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