Asus MG28UQ Review

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Hustler 13th December 2016, 12:07 Quote
Might be worth considering if the new Vega cards can offer 1070/1080 levels of performance for less money.

...which lets be honest, there won't be much point to them if they can't.
Combatus 13th December 2016, 14:53 Quote
Yep that's just it. A 4K freesync screen is a bit pointless unless you have two AMD GPUs in Crossfire or are happy with the performance from a Fury X. That said, it's still worth considering if you're not bothered by Freesync or G-Sync and just want a large 4K screen for less than £400. Vega should hopefully shake things up a bit, though, especially in the 4K scene as Freesync is so much cheaper as well.
Hustler 13th December 2016, 15:12 Quote
Well I'm guessing (hoping) that AMD will want to launch their Vega 1080 competitor for no more than £499, which would put real pressure on Nvidia and their ridiculously over priced 1080's.

..if they did that, I'd seriously consider switching to AMD and pairing this 4K monitor with one.
Jan1970 17th December 2016, 15:47 Quote
4K freesync might be pointless today, but monitors last a long time. I am pretty sure that it will be a nice feature to have somewhere in the next 10 years (or however long you use a monitor, my avarage display replacement us 10 years, My average graphics card replacements happen a lot faster).
Wwhat 20th December 2016, 18:54 Quote
TN? I don't know guys, TN in 28" seems a bit of a bad choice in terms of viewing angle.
leexgx 28th December 2016, 05:28 Quote
i don't tend to lean left and right when sitting in front of the monitor
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