Gaming Monitor Roundup 2014

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captain caveman 25th July 2014, 11:14 Quote
Looking forward to the release of the Asus ROG monitor with g sync, the spec looks interesting
Lenderz 25th July 2014, 19:10 Quote
Yeah I'm suprised to see this round up when the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q is coming out next week. Seems the most significant gaming monitor of the year IMO.

Hope Bit-Tech do a review, some sites already have.
JohnRogers24 25th July 2014, 21:29 Quote
No Dell IPS? Poor form.
debs3759 25th July 2014, 22:05 Quote
Only one monitor with resolution over 1080p? I was hoping to see at least 3 or 4 with 1600p or better, as that's what I'll be in the market for later this year. I'm surprised that 1080p is still the norm for enthusiasts, there's just not enough screen real estate for me :)

What I'll be looking for is something that goes up to 2560x1600, preferably at much better than 60 Hz, and can be rotated to view in portrait mode.
boiled_elephant 25th July 2014, 23:50 Quote
Registering my surprise, too, that Dell IPS and IPS generally has been given a brush-off by the gaming core. I've been gaming on IPS Dell screens for years and never struggled. Only really intense twitchy gameplay would suffer, I'd have thought.

I guess it comes down to whether you use your PC for movies and entertainment or not, though - most of us have TVs that have supplanted that need.
Sgt.Bilko 1st August 2014, 10:49 Quote
I have no idea what your conclusion means. What are you trying to say at the end of it?
jimbok11 31st January 2015, 12:35 Quote
Nice roundup
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