Viewsonic VLED221wm 22" widescreen LCD

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Hustler 14th November 2008, 12:44 Quote that your grubby paw prints all over the frame in the first picture..
Xir 14th November 2008, 13:03 Quote
...Hmmm, do you include monitors in your "What Hardware Should I Buy?" guide? Maybe one or two for each category?

Not that this one would make it in there...
Tim S 14th November 2008, 13:29 Quote
Xir - they will be included eventually... but we want to get the format right before we start expanding what is included in the guide :)
Jipa 14th November 2008, 15:24 Quote
TBH I don't see the point in testing a single 22" anymore. Sure the LED backlight is atleast something special, but it still features the rubbish TN panel and it still is yet another 22" screen...

Just my maybe elitistic and dumb 2 cents.
Jasio 14th November 2008, 19:40 Quote
Viewsonic stopped making good monitors a good few years ago. They've lost touch with the needs of consumers and create these hideous attempts at a "new" product. I'd be worthwhile for Viewsonic to take a page from Dell or Samsung and see what people are really looking for: Price, reliability, diverse selection of inputs.

# Diagonal: 22 inches
# Type: TN+Film TFT LCD
# Colour gamut: 118 percent NTSC
# Backlight: RGB LED
# Native resolution: 1,680 x 1,050
# Contrast: 1,000:1 (12,000:1 dynamic)
# Brightness: 250cd/m²
# Pixel response: 5ms
# Viewing angles: 170/160 degrees H/V

Those are some pretty crappy specs at that price point. My 24" has the same contrast ratio, 500cd/m2, 178/178 degree H/V, and a native resolution of 1900 x 1200 (and an PVA-Panel). And this Viewsonic is $450? Ouch.

Viewsonic reps, if you read this... what were you thinking? Seriously? Have you ever done any customer surveys, you know, to figure out what we really want, and will shell out money for?
HourBeforeDawn 15th November 2008, 17:22 Quote
those specs are really low for what I expected from a LED backlit LCD, typically contrast is through the roof with LED backlighting, I mean at least on LCD TV with LED backlite I know different tech but still that just seems really low to me, those specs in general come no where near being worth that price.
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