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rupbert 16th April 2006, 12:00 Quote
I hope one of the reviewers can comment on this.

The latest copy of Custom PC have reviewed the Viewsonic VX2025, and it got a poor 78%. Claimed it wasn't very bright, had terrible distortion when not viewing straight on, not sharp enough and a few other complaints...

I was all set on buying this screen, yet now I'm not convinced.

How can the same product get such differing views?
Fibbles 19th April 2006, 11:59 Quote
I don't mind what a stock monitor stand can do: I've got an Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD stand that moves in every direction I need it to. I can't imagine not using a Neo-Flex for a stock stand :|
ContingenctPlan 25th April 2006, 14:38 Quote
I was looking at getting the Viewsonic, but after a mediocre score at, I'm not so sure.
WilHarris 25th April 2006, 15:23 Quote
Hey guys,

I saw the reviews in Custom and on I would say that the guys that review for TR are image professionals, and there is a degree to which anything less than reference-quality annoys them. As for the Custom one, I'm just not sure I agree with what they say. It's a great screen, good for gaming with funky design.
rupbert 25th April 2006, 15:56 Quote
I don't mind it if there is slight difference in opinion about the Viewsonic, I mean even with all of the technical tests it still comes down to personal preference.

However when the opinions are poles apart, it makes wonder who to trust?
Tim S 25th April 2006, 16:13 Quote
I think TR's scores are probably a bit low based on the text that's actually in the review. They stated that "It’s difficult to say if this is unique to the review unit I have here, but it certainly detracts from what is a generally good, widescreen LCD for a decent price." It's almost like 5 was the "average" score in the TR review, when I'm fairly sure that a 7 is what is considered an average product in most of their reviews. It sounded like a positive '7' if you get what I'm trying to say.

I've used the screen myself and I'm inclined to agree with both Wil's opinion and also the opinion on TR - it's a very good screen for the price. To be honest, I didn't notice the backlight bleeding but it is a valid point that was stated in the TR review, however as mentioned, it could be a problem with the sample we had.

I've not read the CPC review so I really can't pass comment on it.
ophiuchii 4th June 2006, 01:26 Quote
Last week I bought a viewsonic VX2025 from Scan. I nearly didn't after I read

the CPC review on it which said it not especially bright and had significant

colour distortion unless you were looking at it head on.

I can tell you for sure that neither of these are true; at the moment I have

the brightness at 60% and it's pretty bright. If I turn it up to max I can still

use the monitor if there's irect sunlight on it. However if I'm using it a max

brightness at night it's like having my eyes burnt out.

Also what they say about the viewing angle is cobblers, there is only te

slightest colour distortion when you get to about 160 degrees on the

horizontal, and I can't notice any significant drop in brightness. The virtical

viewing angle is pretty damn good too.

Also oddly enough they said the Belinea 10 20 35W was better as it was

cheaper. I not sure where they got this from as I got the viewsonic for £288

where as the cheapest Belinea I could find was £311 :? . Just this

made me sufficiently dubious of the review to go with Bit-Techs review and

I'm glad I did, its a damn good monitor and I'm very pleased.

Thanks for a good review Bit-Tech ;)
ophiuchii 4th June 2006, 01:31 Quote
Oh yes, also mine has no back light bleed through. Which is nice.
dognosh 5th June 2006, 11:08 Quote
viewsonic 19" vx922 imho is probably the best around for a decent price for gaming(2 mS)
it was given the thumbs up for gaming and an 'ok' for watching movies and other applications
so far i am very pleased with it ;)
yahooadam 5th June 2006, 16:14 Quote
how can it be good for gaming and ok for films, gaming is a much more strict catagory to fall into ...
rupbert 5th June 2006, 16:20 Quote
Originally Posted by yahooadam
how can it be good for gaming and ok for films, gaming is a much more strict catagory to fall into ...

I think the black levels and contrast would be much more noticable in a movie.
jakeiswicked 5th June 2006, 19:04 Quote
20" monitors are great, but if you travel over to and have a look there you will realise that buying one in the UK is basically still a rip off, if you have the money then buy it but we are being scammed. £288+10 postage is still too much for a nice 20" monitor really
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