Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 Review

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Snips 26th October 2011, 08:41 Quote
Shame it's wasted on Andriod. I'll wait for the new Windows versions coming next year.
jezmck 26th October 2011, 08:45 Quote
Excellent review, thanks.

I'm almost certain that I'll be getting the Transformer version next month (30th birthday, eep).
Nexxo 26th October 2011, 08:45 Quote
The Windows versions need a bit longer to work on their battery lives.
longweight 26th October 2011, 08:52 Quote
Interesting, nearly as tempting as a netbook but not quite good enough for me.
tonyd223 26th October 2011, 10:45 Quote
I know you guys don't often review this type of thing, but there's missing information - does it charge using a standard micro-usb port, does the full size usb support thumb drives (is it powered so you can plug 2.5 usb hard discs), does the HDMI out work and is the cable to standard HDMI included...

I'm just saying...
Paradigm Shifter 26th October 2011, 10:53 Quote
Isn't Tegra 3's launch (announcement?) November 9th? And with it, the Asus Transformer Prime? Would make more sense I think than this... especially since I've never had good experiences with 'slider' anythings - they're always more vulnerable than more traditional versions.
PlayedStation 26th October 2011, 15:49 Quote
Glad i bought my Transformer then... was going to wait for this but i'm glad i didnt. Very happy with what i have
kenco_uk 26th October 2011, 16:00 Quote
It's a shame it wasn't reviewed with 3.2 installed. It's available on the website.
Andre_B 26th October 2011, 19:17 Quote
Originally Posted by PlayedStation
Glad i bought my Transformer then... was going to wait for this but i'm glad i didnt. Very happy with what i have

Same here. I'm very happy with it.
leslie 26th October 2011, 20:11 Quote
Interesting, but just like most tablets, they really need to work on that price.
jrs77 27th October 2011, 12:21 Quote
The Slider goes into the right direction.

Ove at anandtech there's a bigger review with Anand talking about it in a video ->
echeb 27th October 2011, 19:43 Quote
Ooh, Asus have invented me a tablet. In a year when its half the price second hand it will hopefully replace my Motorola Dext (Cliq in America). Any word on an ICS update or will it need updated for that?
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