The Best Memory for Sandy Bridge

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PapaCrazy 3rd December 2011, 09:59 Quote
Very insightful article. Only caveat to the 4gb vs 16gb RAM issue worth mentioning is Adobe After effects, possibly Maya during render. A lot of people are using Sandy Bridge setups to save money over Xeon workstations. After Effects particularly will max out your ram to the last gb for previews. More RAM = more frames you get to preview. Maya also likes to use giant chunks of RAM during renders to hold onto information it will need for the next frame. If you use these programs, which a lot of people do, just something to consider. Some programs seem to treat RAM like a mini SSD.
TomBrooklyn 18th December 2011, 08:57 Quote
From what I've noticed, the memory specifying a voltage higher than 1.5 is usually rated for over 1600.
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