Corsair and SuperTalent DDR3

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Mankz 26th October 2007, 11:31 Quote
Its the price thats really amazing....

I mean, its over £700 for 4Gb of fairly standard DDR3 at the mo..
Kipman725 26th October 2007, 12:12 Quote
DDR2 is so cheap aswell, you can get 2GB of corsair 800MHz for less than £40!
Nature 26th October 2007, 12:25 Quote
Great article, shame for the price.

I'd like to see the gaming benches with some cheapo ddr2 800 and with a weaker GPU to show the strength of the ram.
cjmUK 26th October 2007, 14:44 Quote
I'm unclear as to why we're eager to recommend the Corsairs... £130 vs Slightly cooler and with a bling heatsink & fan...

I'll take my £130 quid please. I've used SuperTalent PC3200 in the dim past and they were pretty good. Reliable, cheap and came with a heat spreader as standard.

I'm just a bit concerned that too much credence is given to 'favourite' brands and based on looks. Even in cases with a window, you can barely see the RAM, so who cares what it looks like?

I can see the cooling being a factor. If your rig is such that the RAM doesnt get good airflow, you might consider the Corsair purely because of their heat characteristics.

Actually I dont know why I bother arguing... I'm never going to spend this much on RAM *ever*! It's still makes me cry when I think of the GeIL PC6400 that I bought for £300 (4GB) last November is now selling for £80. [sniff]
Bluephoenix 26th October 2007, 16:38 Quote
I still am avoiding DDR3 until the price comes down and theres an nVidia board that supports it.

on the other hand building a server sounds like a nice idea given how little DDR2 costs these days (32GB anyone )
Bindibadgi 26th October 2007, 16:40 Quote
Originally Posted by cjmUK
I'm unclear as to why we're eager to recommend the Corsairs... £130 vs Slightly cooler and with a bling heatsink & fan...

Because if you're going to be paying through the nose you're likely to not give a **** about value in the extreme and want "something" to show for your money. It's a different kettle of fish - like people who buy super cars to run on public roads - they obviously go faster but at the end of the day it's 80/90/250k for e-peen which is what the Corsair Dominators are. The Super Talent is good value for the fastest stuff on earth, but it looks like £50 memory: just like putting a Nissan Micra bodyshell over a Ferrari chassis (assuming it would fit). There's a massive temperature difference that will affect lifespan too - I want to avoid downtime altogether if possible.

You're not going to consider spending money on value DDR2 800 and these in the same thought, you're not even going to consider buying "bog standard" DDR3 either to a certain extent.

If you're going server you want ECC Registered or FBDIMMs anyway to do it properly, otherwise it's not a real "server" just a glorified and non-failsafe workstation. :)
cjmUK 26th October 2007, 16:52 Quote
Yeah... if you've got that much money to spend on RAM, then a budget is not the pressing issue. I can agree about heat & downtime... but looks aren't an argument.

To twist your analogy... how about a Ferrari engine in an Audi, and a Micra engine in an Audi. Except that the Micra runs faster...

I'd be bragging about how fast my PC is rather than opening it up and showing people how cool my RAM looks.

But then again, almost all my purchases are a trade-off between price and performance (see my sig).
Bindibadgi 26th October 2007, 17:25 Quote
But Audi's aren't the fastest things on the road - what you're equating to is ~DDR3 1333MHz memory - expensive and "executive" but not the fastest thing on earth. Looks are important to many people - why do you think Dominators and FlexXLC or Reapers sell so well? Same as the Republic of Gamer boards, Cases and hardware with bling lights etcetc

You're in the mainstream mindset of bang per buck, not "performance at any cost"
sheninat0r 26th October 2007, 20:37 Quote

on newegg, the dominator goes for $574.00 and the super talent for $579.99
Bindibadgi 26th October 2007, 21:33 Quote
? Same dominators? Linkage please - on newegg they were more expensive yesterday

edit: Newegg were on our US price grabber link yesterday but have gone today!

Wow! They have dropped a TON of price in a day
cjmUK 26th October 2007, 21:53 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
Wow! They have dropped a TON of price in a day

Bindi, you now have my permission to recommend the Corsairs... ;)
phuzz 27th October 2007, 09:57 Quote
(You might want to have a look at the legend on the graph on the last page [Temperatures]. The legend has Green, Blue, and Blue, but the graph has green, light green, red, light red and blue. It's all pretty messed up)
Bindibadgi 27th October 2007, 11:18 Quote
LOL Cj ;)

Phuzz - Yea, good point! Sorted it :)
impar 28th October 2007, 21:33 Quote

No DDR2-800 numbers to compare to? :|
mystikmedia 29th October 2007, 08:56 Quote
Could I talk you into including some of the 2GB modules in the test, such as those available from OCZ and Patriot?
Bindibadgi 29th October 2007, 11:50 Quote
Originally Posted by impar

No DDR2-800 numbers to compare to? :|

Do you ever see people comparing a family hatchback to a super car?

I know DDR2-800 is "the standard" but the price difference makes it worlds apart.

Mystik - 2GB modules is what I'm aiming for in the future, perhaps. I'm not intending to do any more DDR2/3 until next year as noone wants to push DDR2 atm because prices are so bad and it's been reviewed to death and noone is buying DDR3.
impar 29th October 2007, 12:06 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
I know DDR2-800 is "the standard" but the price difference makes it worlds apart.
That is e.x.a.c.t.l.y. why it should be compared! So that people know if they have anything to gain in real tests or just synthetical tests.

A comparison between only DDR3 RAM is pointless.
Sure, you get to know that the A kind behaves better than the B kind but you dont realise what you gain from switching from your current DDR2 system to a DDR3 system.

If you analyse other DDR2 vs DDR3 reviews you get the sense that DDR3 bandwidth is not used in todays systems:
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