Internet TV: The web comes to your TV

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dispie 23rd July 2010, 12:42 Quote
I still have to connect a Ethernet wire to my Samsung LE40C750 3d Tv

I already did know that it had internet on it, but the more i read the manual the more it becomes clear to me this tv is more like a desktop.

but i think in the near future the desktop screen wil be replaced with the tv after that i think the hole desktop wil be intergrated into the TV with cloud computing coming closer and closer.
SoulRider 23rd July 2010, 12:49 Quote
Wow, People stil have TV's? :D
capnPedro 23rd July 2010, 12:50 Quote
After having HTPCs for a good 5 years or so now, I have to say the Internet on my TV isn't the future, it's the past. I'm glad people are catching up though; it's really great.
danielg 23rd July 2010, 12:51 Quote
Originally Posted by SoulRider
Wow, People stil have TV's? :D

LOL! not much on TV worth watching, apart from the Simpson's,
bob 23rd July 2010, 12:59 Quote
The ps3 has a music video program called VidZone.
Psy-UK 23rd July 2010, 13:10 Quote
I don't believe Internet TV is a viable replacement for an actual TV. I mean, look at how ISPs will cripple your connection when you download over a certain insignificant limit. You won't realistically be able to watch everything you want on your PC without repercussions until this country has a much better t'internet infrastructure.
Denis_iii 23rd July 2010, 14:46 Quote
Lovefilm sucks balls! I want Netflix in the UK!!!!

If Google TV is anything like Youtube and/or Youtube Leanback it will suck to.
pimonserry 23rd July 2010, 15:20 Quote

That's my TV! It doesn't seem to have the iPlayer on the Internet@TV yet though..

Edit: Never mind, it can do it now. Hooray!
Gonzalo-Gonads 23rd July 2010, 15:20 Quote
In sweden the norm is for channels to be delivered over the internet (IPTV) rather than over cable, so I don't see how google TV couldn't be easily integrated into settop box's, at least here! Though I do think that countries like the UK need to dramatically improve broadband quality before this would be viable, as I easily clock around 800gb of streamed video in a month only through watching some light tv :P
Threefiguremini 24th July 2010, 09:56 Quote
There's no point in any technical innovation because we can't get at it in the UK because of crap internet. I can get a maximum of 8 mb here apparently although I've never seen it get anywhere near that and even when it is decent they arbitrarily throttle me.
Xir 24th July 2010, 13:10 Quote
Originally Posted by Gonzalo-Gonads
... I do think that countries like the UK need to dramatically improve broadband quality before this would be viable...

Yes, same here in Germany.
Unless broadband quality improves, videostreams on a HDTV look like slideshows, or are drastically impaired quality wise.
We don't have a service like Iplayer, and what's the obsession with youtube? Most content is under 2 minutes and not even 360p.
That may look great on a mobile device, but not on a big screen TV.
InfernoZeus 24th July 2010, 22:21 Quote
Can't believe there's no mention of in the article... TVC is the best way of watching TV over the internet from my point of view.
swin70 25th July 2010, 00:09 Quote
I would have to agree that the quality of BB in the UK isn't very good, but also I think the IPTV just isn't mature enough in the mass market. I have tried to watch some program on the iPlayer on the PS3, but to be honest the quality wasn't what I would define as good enough to be viewed on a decent 42" screen. I have started to watch several programs using this method only to give up after a few minutes. The quality I found to be below normal broadcast SD, and IMHO this simply isn't good enough to watch on my TV, so I would rather not. The only TV service that is capable to giving decent IPlayer performance is Virgin Media, but then there IPTV is over their dedicated cable network and iPlayer does not show all the standard options.

This is a massive shame as I think IPTV will certainly get there and as I am still in the process of putting together my HTPC, I am hoping it will get there sooner rather than later. Still, there are many other sources of TV and film especially if you look at satellite, if not quite on demand.
Stelph 26th July 2010, 11:16 Quote
I really like the idea of Internet TV and the new set top boxes like the Google TV but my biggest concern is that so far I haven't seen any mention of being able to download or "buffer" streams (which would be essential in areas like where I live where I only get 1-2mbps), does anyone know if this is possible?

I own an AppleTV which, although it has its limitations, is excellent at getting my ripped DVD's onto my TV quickly and its also great for streaming rented movies as it starts the download and won't let you watch until there is enough of a buffer that you can watch without it freezing (which, although not ideal, is much better than watching a juddering slideshow!)
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