Alienware 14 Review

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tseax 12th November 2013, 11:11 Quote
It wasn't my first pick either, it was #3 as I recall. I chose (if anyone cares) the MSI GE40 2OC-010US. I upgraded the single mSATA drive to 2-Crucial 120GB M600 drives in RAID0. The second drive, a 750GB 7200 RPM WD hard drive will suffice as a DATA drive until I get around to figuring out how to remove it and replace it with an SSD. I considered several of the custom-build brands but found them expensive and restrictive. My 2-cents worth...
brave758 17th November 2013, 01:14 Quote
I'd like to add that alienware laptops are very easy to upgrade. With dell posting videos and also providing manuals.
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