XMG P303 Pro Review

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Tyrmot 23rd October 2013, 11:47 Quote
Looks like a reasonable combo of portability and power, though you are efinitely paying for it. But...

Those bloody stickers!!!! Why can't we have the option to have it shipped without these.. they are so annoying. If you are dropping nearly £2k on a laptop I still don't understand why you should have to suffer with the tacky branding of all the various parts you've already bought!!
CampGareth 23rd October 2013, 12:13 Quote
You don't mention the specs of your review system, only potential specs. A CPU test is all very well but if we don't know whether it's an Atom 330 or a 3960X it's pretty meaningless.

On a separate note, I have the W110ER predecessor to this, a mate of mine has the W230ST though hasn't looked into bios mods and whatnot yet. I must admit to some regrets buying mine as the keyboard and display are such a massive improvement in the W230ST.
proxess 23rd October 2013, 13:11 Quote
I looked at the XMGs and though they were quite nice, they were a bit more expensive than those built at pcspecialist with the same Clevo base. The pcspecialist builds don't have flashy logos either.

Sometime this week I'll be ordering a Vortex IV 15.6" from pcspecialist, which uses the Clevo p150sm basis, the same as the W503 from XMG.
Icy EyeG 23rd October 2013, 13:59 Quote
I'm liking this brand already, since you can buy laptops from them without an OS! :)
The Schenker S413 is very tempting (at least for me)!
Hustler 23rd October 2013, 14:19 Quote
Would be perfect....if it could convert to a tablet.

I must be able to read my comics collection in a nice portrait format....:))
Jaybles 23rd October 2013, 14:22 Quote
It looked such good value until the battery life :(
Zurechial 23rd October 2013, 14:32 Quote
I have a Schenker XMG P511 that I bought about 2 years ago - Sandy Bridge Quad-Core, GTX570M, 8GB Ram.
Powerful beast, especially for the time - Also heavy as all hell for a 15" and with a power brick to match - But I wasn't buying for proper portability anyway.

The reason I mention it is that my experiences of buying from Schenker ( were really positive, and I've been delighted with the build quality of the laptop as well.
Mine is an MSI base model, almost identical to MSI's own gaming laptops from the same period of time - For reference.
barny2767 23rd October 2013, 19:32 Quote
I don't see the point in these laptops anymore I used to love the idea of having one but now I have a Lenovo with an AMD A10 and a 7600M for crossfire with the CPU and its all I need for some gaming maybe not at ultra settings but on a 1366*768 res screen its good and I can take it out without thinking how heavy it is.
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