Asus Transformer Infinity Preview

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ModSquid 4th June 2013, 09:25 Quote
I'm sorry - was there a tablet in that second shot?
Risky 4th June 2013, 22:25 Quote
Originally Posted by ModSquid
I'm sorry - was there a tablet in that second shot?

Just a little bit to the left, if you can't make it out try a cold shower.
ModSquid 5th June 2013, 11:47 Quote
Ah, you were right. The "watercooling" helped.

I was obviously trying to "overcock" myself at too high a frequency for air.
Risky 5th June 2013, 12:45 Quote
Helpful as ever, Microsoft can provides some help with your problem on their website.
Flibblebot 6th June 2013, 18:17 Quote
Originally Posted by Article
and a battery that, if like prevous
Like previous WHAT? Don't leave me hanging, I won't be able to sleep until I know the rest of the sentence.

Oh, I get it. It's a way to keep me coming back to the site.

Well played, bit, well played indeed ;)
kosch 12th June 2013, 13:01 Quote
I hope they don't mess up the storage performance like they did with the infinity!
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