Hands-on with Asus' latest laptops

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stonedsurd 9th May 2010, 11:55 Quote
wuyanxu 9th May 2010, 12:49 Quote
link :)

i love the look of page 2 and 3 laptops, looks so classy
GiantStickMan 9th May 2010, 12:59 Quote
I use an Dell XPS M1710 at the moment which has served me well for the past 3 years but now it's time to upgrade. Truth be told though I can't find a lot to like in the styling of the G73. I think I will wait to see some reviews of the new Alienware M17x with dual 5870's that's apparently coming out soon before making up my mind.
rickysio 9th May 2010, 13:42 Quote
Best looking gamer laptop ever.
Yslen 9th May 2010, 14:04 Quote
I quite like the G73 in grey, it looks a bit like the Lamborghini Reventón.
rickysio 9th May 2010, 14:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Yslen
I quite like the G73 in grey, it looks a bit like the Lamborghini Reventón.

It needs more air vents and ports at the back!

Some modder pick it up? :D
pimonserry 9th May 2010, 14:30 Quote
The thin 13.3in on the last-page looks right up my street (I think it was the U35Jc)

All this inside information+previews from you being based in Taiwan is quite handy ;)
Sifter3000 9th May 2010, 15:14 Quote
Originally Posted by wuyanxu
link :)

i love the look of page 2 and 3 laptops, looks so classy

Oops! Thanks Wuyanxu :)
Zurechial 9th May 2010, 16:05 Quote
The design of that gaming laptop is gorgeous, I love the angular casing.

It's interesting to see some snippets of new hardware straight out of Taiwan, exiling Bindi seems to be paying off! ;)
Aracos 9th May 2010, 16:16 Quote
Just a typo, "Hands-on with the Asus ULC30 and U35Jc" You call it a ULC30 even though it's called UL30 everywhere else in the article. Third page btw.
ch424 9th May 2010, 17:11 Quote
I have a UL30A and it has an SU2300 (dual 1.2GHz, 1MB cache). An i3 version would be amazing!
Sheiken 9th May 2010, 17:19 Quote
One of my buddies recently bought the g73 and he thinks its excellent!
RichCreedy 9th May 2010, 17:40 Quote
another typo, altec lasing speakers, i think should be altec lansing

unless the speakers realy do lase
Valdisnei 9th May 2010, 18:22 Quote
Asus is doing great with notebooks lastly, the quality and the specs. The cooling system used on the G73 its amazing!
TheUn4seen 9th May 2010, 20:04 Quote
There is an 404 error on 1018p-6.jpg

This gaming monster looks great, I'd actually prefer it in gray than black. And half as small, with good battery life ;) (yeah, I'm not into DTRs)

Asus makes nice laptops, it's a shame they look like crap as soon as you touch them - who the f*ck came up with the idea of shiny laptops?!
eek 9th May 2010, 20:41 Quote
uh oh, typo in very first paragraph!!!

Good to see an article covering a spectrum of different laptops. I'd kill for a small CULV 10" high res laptop. This netbook is 1366x768 which is still too low for my liking!

This may be controversial but bring on the next iteration of the Sony P... :)
Nature 10th May 2010, 00:02 Quote
I'd like to see a laptop projector... An all in one blu-ray player.
ripmax 10th May 2010, 00:25 Quote
One hell of a gaming laptop.
Horizon 10th May 2010, 00:56 Quote
I own the g73, it's almost as powerful as my desktop, and easy on the eyes, but the keyboard needs some improvement on the hardware and software side of things, the feel too clacky, key spacing i could get by with but could be much better and there is no way to map the multimedia keys to a specific media player, default is windows media center, go figure.
docodine 10th May 2010, 06:23 Quote
Chiclet style keyboard on a gaming laptop? WHY?
Denis_iii 10th May 2010, 12:12 Quote
Bit-tech: did you ask Asus as to the huge price diff for the G73 in the states and in the UK?
docodine 10th May 2010, 15:00 Quote
Can't that usually be attributed to the $1=£1 policy that most tech companies follow?
500mph 10th May 2010, 21:08 Quote
I'd like a review of the U35Jc. Seems right up my alley.
CowBlazed 11th May 2010, 01:44 Quote
I wish they'd make more 12" CULV laptops with any GPU from ATI or nvidia, no GMA no optical, just portable goodness.
The_Beast 11th May 2010, 02:11 Quote
Not a bad looking laptop, but not my taste
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