Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Waterforce WB Review

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Spigsy 9th December 2016, 12:29 Quote
Beautiful card on first impressions BUT...

Am I alone in wishing manufacturers would steer away from logos with phrases like 'xtreme gaming' or such like? I may be wrong but I would have thought cards at this price would be aiming for a more mature demographic who typically have more expendable income and more muted tastes. The packaging is one thing, but to engrave a 1k card with such slogans seems asinine when a pack of optional stickers would suffice.
Dogbert666 9th December 2016, 12:42 Quote
I do agree. I think it looks better than a number of "Gaming" products do, but still a more mature look could quite easily be achieved.
Neutronman 9th December 2016, 14:03 Quote
Nice review.
I have the MSI 1080 SeaHawk with the EK Waterblock. You have a great in game overclock. The best I can get with my card is 2086mhz in game.
Just saying.
stealth80 9th December 2016, 17:45 Quote
Hmm that's a hefty premium to pay to have someone fit a water block for you, I picked up a Palit Gamerock Premium 1080 for £579 (they've since gone up) a block for £100 and back plate for £30, so in effect i'd be paying over £100 for them to fit the block. Performance and clocks are no better either
Panos 9th December 2016, 19:37 Quote
I agree with Stealth80. Bought an MSI Armor OC for £590, the pre-filled EK block & backplate for £120, and with the predator 360 clocked the 1080 @ 2190 without problem, costing me £710 in total.
rollo 11th December 2016, 00:03 Quote
buying pre fitted waterblocks has always been expensive. This is no different.
Neutronman 13th December 2016, 14:45 Quote
For me it was different here in the USA. I bought the MSI SeaHawk for $800 delivered. The MSI card on its own was $649, the EK waterblock was $145 plush shipping and the backplate was $35 plus shipping. So basically I was able to save a few bucks doing it myself. I will admit that this is the first time that I have bought an already assembled card and block as like you guys I normally DIY. Pricing is different in the USA.
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