AMD Radeon R7 265 Review feat. XFX

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Harlequin 8th May 2014, 09:27 Quote
thank you again for adding in the GTX 480 scores to some of the game tests - really great to see where the `old` Fermi flagship is sitting now!
Hustler 8th May 2014, 10:18 Quote
I was sorely tempted to get one of these as a 'stop-gap' GPU after upgrading to a new monitor, get a few months use out of it whilst waiting for the new GPU's from AMD/Nvidia.

Seemed like an ideal, cheap card, but with the announcemnt of delays in new GPU's for 2014, I decided to go for something with a little more grunt to last into 2015 (Nvidia 760).

Still a damn good cheap card though, and an ideal one for a budget build.
GavX 8th May 2014, 10:52 Quote
I like how you add some older cards like the GXT480 or even last "mid rangers" like GTX 650Ti, as it is a good comparison to what people may be running and what performance boost they can expect to see. Sadly we don't all have 295X2s... :(
David 8th May 2014, 11:43 Quote
Yep, kudos for adding older cards for comparison - very useful.
tonyd223 8th May 2014, 12:12 Quote
Originally Posted by Spreadie
Yep, kudos for adding older cards for comparison - very useful.

anyone else still using an HD 4850? :-)
xaser04 8th May 2014, 12:18 Quote
Great card the little HD7850 (R7 265 whatever).

The little card in my wifes machine (HD7850 1GB) cranks along well enough. I need something faster to muck around with Eyefinity / Surround, but it handles 1080p quite nicely.

I think I heard it cry a little last night when I asked it to run Crysis 3 at 5888x1080. All medium settings and overclocked to 1150/5600 it managed a massive 22-30fps. Oddly enough there were no VRAM issues which was surprising.
fingerbob69 8th May 2014, 16:00 Quote
Originally Posted by tonyd223
anyone else still using an HD 4850? :-)

er ...4890
B1GBUD 8th May 2014, 16:59 Quote
Will you be doing any benchmarks using Mantle instead of DX11 at any point?
trintragular 8th May 2014, 20:39 Quote
Great review.

Good to see that the power consumption is reasonable.
FelixTech 8th May 2014, 20:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Harlequin
thank you again for adding in the GTX 480 scores to some of the game tests - really great to see where the `old` Fermi flagship is sitting now!

Rushed back to hunt for my card after reading this!
Casecutter 2nd June 2014, 18:41 Quote
I think the efficiency provided by a 750Ti is given to much status. Don't get me wrong it nice to have the card provide GTX 480 gaming from a PCI-E only, I just think reviews discount AMD's ZeroCore.

I'd like to see two identical OEM i3 boxes with an 750Ti and a R7 260X. Then run them identically for a month the way most people in this range of entry level gaming get used. Today most people never shut-down their system they "Sleep" them, and that's probably more than 80% of the time (minimum 19.2 hour a day), while say 10% (2.4hr's a day) of the time browsing, emails, homework, watching YouTube, and finally 10% of the time gaming. So 80% of the time the GTX750Ti is pulling 5 watts compared to the AMD ZeroCore pull 1-2watts. So does gaming 10% of the month and the 750Ti drawing 30% less during that period save enough to see a significant savings? I'd sure like to know how much of a difference there would be between them in a months' time.

Then right today figure a 260X and then a nice new 430W Corsair modular Bronze+ PSU would cost you about what most 750Ti with factory OC, that then many have included a 6-pin. Most reviews that tested OC'd 750Ti with 6-pin indicate they are compensatory to have the card run correctly.

Lastly is 1080p performance on a i3 (or other entry machine) to provide playable FpS, either card would need to have settings juggled (medium-high) which most novices would be hard pressed to see and visual difference coming across their monitors.

I say a nice new PSU (backbone) is always a system first order especially nowadays with power efficient PSU (Bronze+) so inexpensive; then just a 260X... together they goes a lot further to efficiency than just a GTX 750Ti. While would you think of OC'n a 750Ti above what came factory on a 300-350 watt OEM PSU that's 3 year old?
GeorgeK 2nd June 2014, 20:10 Quote
Welcome to the forum - can you please edit your post to replace the random signs with 's

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