Intel HD Graphics 3000 Performance Review

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Fordy 4th February 2011, 19:37 Quote
Originally Posted by Wwhat
On-board (& on-die) graphics are for business use (and the very poor maybe?) and in business you don't allow games, if alone since all of them introduce DRM stuff that completely ruin the security of a system.
But I can't deny I was curious about game performance though as many with me I'm sure.

That's quite a restricted view to think they're limited to business use.

Most "Hop online to facebook a mate" consumers have no requirement for a discrete GPU. Media Center box, etc.
superfal89 5th February 2011, 19:58 Quote
Originally Posted by Narishma
A good thing about Minecraft is that it uses OpenGL and as you can see in the benchmarks it shows that Intel still has poor support for it in their drivers compared to Direct3D.

They've certainly improved though, depends on the game also. Notebookcheck has it at about ten times the OpenGL performance for Cinebench, and finally got Quake 4 to run well.
dansus 20th February 2011, 17:37 Quote
Shame you couldnt add Media benchmarks to the cache test..
Wicked_Sludge 20th February 2011, 19:25 Quote
minecraft is more demanding than the game looks. sure the textures look simple, but your hardware has to render thousands of individual blocks all at the same time.

my 5870 handles the game with ease, however it does run the GPU to 100% load frequently and my fan spins up, telling me the GPU is working a little. id say its a respectable test load.
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