MSI N460GTX Hawk Review

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Taffy 1st December 2010, 08:08 Quote
Overlooked ? should this be Overclocked??
DaveMon 1st December 2010, 09:07 Quote
How does this compare with the Gigabyte super OC GTX460?
tozsam 1st December 2010, 09:58 Quote
So they add 2 extra voltages to play with that don't actually do anything? Doesn't sound right
maverik-sg1 1st December 2010, 10:05 Quote
This is the issue with the current release of the 500 series - the 460 unit which was by far the best release of the nvidia 400 range is only just maturing and probably has a good life ahead of it.

Although I would really love to see how this compares to the GTX280 - as dx11 games are still thin on the ground and I want to justify my upgrade path with hard numbers :)

However, the release of the 560 (January 2011 release date?) in a similar price bracket will kill this card off before it's even peaked in my opinion - given that even with the extra shader packet unlocked the 560 'should' overclock really well and even making this card 'the choice' in the £200 price range.
mrbens 1st December 2010, 11:07 Quote
With the OC it had the same FPS in Just Cause 2 as the ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB.

Watercooling the 460 takes it even higher (mine's at 945 Mhz core) and allows me to play Just Cause 2 with everything on max and 16x AA instead of 4x AA in the test here.

Any news on how the 6 series AMD cards compare when overclocked?
23RO_UK 1st December 2010, 13:43 Quote
My MSI GeForce N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5 is faster in the same tests at the same settings and weighs in at a more pocket friendly £143.93inc.vat
ImInTheZoneBaby 1st December 2010, 14:04 Quote
What I want to know, is how the noise levels are. With those two fans, is it significantly louder than a stock 460?

I've been looking to purchase a 460 recently, and now this just popped up on Bit-tech. If someone could answer my question, this will be a definate purchase.
isaac12345 1st December 2010, 14:46 Quote
1. I couldnt help but notice that in games that are heavily DX11 based like Just Cause 2 and Bad Company 2, this OCed card is only competitive with a stock clocked 6850, it does not surpass it. Does this have anything to do with Radeon's architecture or how the games have been coded? It might be worth looking into it as it might help to judge how future proof these cards are.

2. Could you please add results from other OCed 460s that you have tested in the past like the Palit Sonic Platinum,etc? Its a lot more convenient to simply refer to one such graph rather than flipping through previous articles, when comparing.

3. Could you please add OCed 6850s to these graphs as well as many of them are being sold at similar price points?

4. Could you please add more games like f1 2010, metro2033,etc? It provides a better perspective about the card's performance.
Redsnake77 1st December 2010, 15:59 Quote
"Thanks to its overclock it even managed to match the GTX 470 1.3GB at 1,920 x 1,200 with 4x AA, producing a minimum and average frame rate of 66fps and 57fps respectively. "

do_it_anyway 1st December 2010, 16:05 Quote
I've read all the comments, and the review and have just one thing to say:

thehippoz 1st December 2010, 18:13 Quote
the 460 is a really good card.. bought a zotac and after re-tim, a custom bios flash- have a display port and it plays everything with fan below 50% at 845 clock.. the voltage goes up from there (1087v @ 870 , 1125v @ 900)

I had to push voltage to 1136v for 906 and played through mafia 2 with physx on at 1080p full up (took out some of the physx clothing on pedestrians).. but that's retim.. ducting and custom flashing- stock the tim job was horrible and it's been horrible since the 8800gtx

nice cause all the air vents out the back and with the duct.. the ps and cpu get all the side fans cold air- have some really low idle temps.. lately it's been 31 on cpu and 34 on the 460 winter setting in

been really happy with it.. actually lemme run some vantage numbers today- found my key online.. looks like mr. bens on water, the card can do insane numbers and he's not even custom flashing the bios

but then again with the block.. you could probably buy up and oc

edit- should point out.. it looks like the 460 can just go crazy numbers with low voltage- look at bens with his block running in the 40's loaded.. he does 945 at 1.087v.. this cooler on the msi manages 900 while mine with a much gimped cooler with small vents does 870

thing is I don't go unstable with increased voltage like in the bit article.. thought msi had a 460 that did 1k on air too
james-milligan 1st December 2010, 19:49 Quote
I would also like to know how this card compares to others like the Gigabyte super OC GTX460. Which 460 is the best overall if it's possible to say?
thehippoz 2nd December 2010, 06:00 Quote
best did was 17363 gpu score on vantage.. gaming stable at 906 no artifacts, played through all mafia 2 at this speed 17211

here's some compares close to my rig I pulled off orb.. very close or better than a stock 5870 least in vantage.. the 275 seems to coincide with my old 260 bench a couple years ago- for anyone going from 200 series.. it's a pretty decent jump if you oc << stock 5870 compared to oc'd 460 both official << 275 (unofficial) << here's a 460 at 950 clock.. some reason he doesn't score too much and I actually beat him in calico same settings :|

for laughs.. here's with physx (I dunno why they even have this option) < oc'd 5870

if the msi hawk does 900 standing on it's ear.. that's about the performance you can expect
omgdec 2nd December 2010, 07:03 Quote
I just bought myself the Gigabyte GTX460 Super OverClock currently on offer at ebuyer... Any idea how it stacks up against this version? If I can get frame rates as good as those I'll be a very happy boy!
thehippoz 2nd December 2010, 17:11 Quote
there's a review on for the gigabyte.. they did 900 with that card too and came to the same conclusion.. about as fast as a stock 5870 and the 480 a bit faster
SubtleOne 3rd December 2010, 15:28 Quote
Frankly, the performance is quite standard, as are the overclocks. The Afterburner software is a free download and works on all 460s, so it is nothing unique either. I got 840 and 900 using the cheapest 460 I could find, a Gainward. The only perk this model has is the cooler, so if anything, I would focus on it, its performance in noise and cooling. For rare performance, then you would really need to go for the EVGA FTW or the PoV which come at 850 MHz on standard voltages too. The biggest question is whether they are worth the huge price premium over a cheap model.
gcwebbyuk 15th December 2010, 11:00 Quote
My MSI Cyclone (watercooled) is running happily at 915 core / 1830 shader and RAM at 1950 MHz - folds perfectly and games very well. May buy a second and run in SLI...
gcwebbyuk 15th December 2010, 11:03 Quote
Originally Posted by gcwebbyuk
My MSI Cyclone (watercooled) is running happily at 915 core / 1830 shader and RAM at 1950 MHz - folds perfectly and games very well. May buy a second and run in SLI...

Edit: just read above someone is running 945 MHz, so just pushed it a bit harder! Good news is the wine from the chokes seems to have stopped! Will see how stable it it - temp is only 45c and it had been folding all night at 915 :)
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