Asus Radeon HD 5870 Voltage Tweak Review

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leexgx 22nd October 2009, 04:53 Quote
Smart Doctor software has not been updated in years (tweeked is not updated i am guessing its the Blue background and when you try and move it some times it drops the Drag)

i went from an 8800GTX to an GTX280 (apart from folding death) is far faster then 8800 card and served me well (need to RMA it, think it was more my fault as i use an prepay meter and some times forget to top it up so killed it with the power going off to many times whenit was under full load),
The 5870 is most of the times matching an GTX295 (thats GTX260 cards) and some times beating it as well and using far less power at the same time, it be intresting if these cards can fold well or not as ATI folding on the 5870 was not very good points wise due to an bottle neck (GPU in CC would say 100% but thats the front end of the GPU core that is maxed out not the SP are under used on the 4870) be interesting if they have fixed this on the 5870

Nvidia GPUs thermally throttle at around 105-110c i think not checked official specs on when it does do it (i not wanting to test it again lucky my GPU core did not burn up when i started folding program up shows the protection is working thought as its still working after 1 year and it has no heat pads on the ram on the card it self)
i know due to one of my 9800gx2 cards i got was missing an number of screws around the GPU core{was used in water cooling before but he did not put all screws back on} (core was exposed to do only part of the heat sink touching the core) it would not pass 115c and folding was doing 1000-2000 PPD (5000 around norm 85-96c norm running depending where the GPU is in the system)
perplekks45 22nd October 2009, 06:58 Quote
Wow, that was tough to read.
You did go to some sort of school, I see. But they absolutely failed to teach you how to properly build sentences and use punctuation.

Anyways, I have a question:

If you read Guru3D's recent reviews of AMD cards you always see them being superiour to nVidia's cards in video encoding. Unfortunately I haven't found out which program they use for AMD cards. Any ideas anyone? I use Badaboom with my 8800GTS/640 and it's just sooooo much faster than Handbrake. [let's not even mention iTunes, kk?]
If there was an app like Badaboom for AMD cards it'd make the switch a bit easier.

Also: Does anyone know if AMD's cards support hardware acceleration in Adobe's CS4 apps?
leexgx 23rd October 2009, 17:37 Quote
school did not tech me much (not the last school any way). i fix computers very well and i can fix most systems with out having to reload it (as i find most tech's do), i did managed a lot of the school computers when i was at the school it self (i have got Asperger my self i read most of that and most of that is me i just focused on computers very well i am 27 my self and fix pcs for an living i am a lot more social but not what i would call normal still)

i norm try and split it up but i cida throw out what i type and fix any mistakes later on so some times miss line spits or . , i am guessing your pointing out (i thought it was to long my self, the whole post)
{the above comment's is not meant to be harsh in any way as some times it looks like it way i type it}

(quite sure that Badaboom and CS4 is CUDA only at this time until OpenCL is used they keep using CUDA)
perplekks45 23rd October 2009, 20:21 Quote
Originally Posted by leexgx
school did not tech me much (not the last school any way).

Grammar and spelling springs to mind...

Sorry... or not. :p
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