Inside the £1,000 Asus Mars

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HandMadeAndroid 26th September 2009, 13:21 Quote
Originally Posted by iwog
Yea, just what I wanted to see, but it does make me wonder why companies keep sending you their products if they know they're just going to get "abused" like this.

part of the international semi conductor conspiracy lol, you aint seen the brown envelopes stuffed with used bank notes ;)
TSR2 26th September 2009, 17:14 Quote
Did they notice?
eternal_fantasy 26th September 2009, 23:04 Quote
"but Asus has reduced this to four-phase for the slave card and only five-phase for the master."


You can actually see the 5th digital PWM slave chip under a small thermal pad next to the long inductor, adjacent to the empty space where it is on the opposit PCB on the 3rd picture, second page of this article.

So infact both GPU recieves 5 phase digital PWM.
eternal_fantasy 26th September 2009, 23:12 Quote
Also I only see one slave digital PWM chip on each PCB for the memory, so not sure where Bit-Tech found it to be 2 phase memory power per PCB.
eternal_fantasy 26th September 2009, 23:17 Quote
^^^ Sorry the article never said this card has 2 phase memory power per PCB, just that it's the case for the reference design. But definitely check out on the 5 Phase for both GPUs.
tohdom 29th September 2009, 11:18 Quote
BT, do you have to pay the full price if you break the testing device? Just wondering.
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