Connect3D Radeon X1950 XT 256MB

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Cobalt 1st March 2007, 16:33 Quote
Looks like you definitely got a lemon as far as overclocking goes. 9MHz extra on the core is pretty poor, especially compared to mine which has a 90MHz boost :D

This card reminds me a lot of the X1800XT 256MB. It occupies the same relative price/performance point and does well there. A decent card for mid-range pricing and depending on which you get there can be a lot of room for overclocking if you are willing to pay the sacrifice of having half the RAM of the best available. Although, its getting harder to find any 512MB ATI cards at the moment, mostly its just a bundle of 1950Pros with 256.
Kipman725 1st March 2007, 16:55 Quote
got a AGP x1950pro here a few weeks ago for £110 with an artic cooler factory fitted :)
randosome 1st March 2007, 19:46 Quote
just like to say - liking the new graphs :) they look so much sharper - really nice :D
traderonline 2nd March 2007, 19:23 Quote
this is a good card though it is not a excellent overclocker.
The_Head 3rd March 2007, 22:58 Quote
Just put one of these in a build for a freind, runs very nicely indeed, wasn't expecting it to perform quite so well. He's well chuffed.

Running all his games flat-out at 1400x1050.
teamtd11 4th March 2007, 09:35 Quote
ive got the x1900xt 256mb. this card is virtualy the same, but with faster ram. mine overclocked is only 800mhz. but it still performes brilliantly ot 1600*1200

and as for overclocking. its all about luck. mine goes at 700 mhz plus core (though 24/7 i run it at 675) brilliant cards for the price, and if you are not planning on gettign vista for a while, then get 1 of these and wate for dx10 to become needed
hudzoid 4th March 2007, 10:36 Quote

i would love to get this card as i fed up with my 7900gt (nice card but keeps breaking with seems a common problem)

well i have to figure out how to get around the other half as i spent lots already fixing this bleep pc lol
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