Sapphire Radeon X1950 Pro

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r4tch3t 17th October 2006, 11:38 Quote
Ohhhh nice, I think I will hold off on judging this as the card I will get untill I actually start building mine.
mclean007 17th October 2006, 13:09 Quote
Glad to see they've finally got a decent crossfire implementation going, without any of that master/slave nonsense. As you say, it makes crossfire a realistic proposition now, and (potentially) a useful upgrade path. Don't go losing that Crossfire bridge now!

However, for me it would still be the 7900 GS - I'd get a non-OC one and OC it myself. It would be cheaper than the x1950 pro, with broadly similar performance (I don't play Oblivion). In any event, I'm still holding on to see what the next couple of months throws our way. Story of my life!
Nature 17th October 2006, 14:10 Quote
I want this card to make me apple fritters. But it still can't taste like Yugoslovian canned beef, which tastes surprisingly like dog.... hmmmm

I too am glad that crossfire is Nvidiously conveinient now. In my opinion ATi has always been the master of the single GPU arms race, now dos' amigos in the metal box haaha.
bright_ 17th October 2006, 14:13 Quote
Quite tempted, bud with DX10 round the corner and me having to upgrade in April anyhow (using parts to build a system for a friend for his wedding present) then there really is no point. Pity though, crossfire owuld have been interesting :)
DXR_13KE 17th October 2006, 15:17 Quote
now this implementation of crossfire seams to be good.... i hope it has legs to walk to the new DX10 graphics cards...... :D
rikbikboo 17th October 2006, 15:26 Quote
quite annoying that they didnt fit the 1950xtx with that sli connector i am still relegated to using a cable to connect the two dogonnit
Warrior_Rocker 17th October 2006, 15:58 Quote
Finally ATI got the idea with the cross connect connectors. I actually like the look of the new crossfire setup. Interesting to see what Nvidia's response to this will be.

Good move ATI, once again impressed ;)
sl1xx 17th October 2006, 16:16 Quote
im lovin i think its worth waiting for dx10 will be nice to see crossfire set up with dx10 cards
Ramble 17th October 2006, 17:01 Quote
Looks nice.

Bloody aweful name though, ATi have reached their goal of confusing users on names.
Austin 17th October 2006, 17:46 Quote
;) I'd have prefered to see stock 7900GS, 7900GT & 7950GT rather than vendor specific OC/Extreme versions. In fact forget 7900GT altogether and throw in a 7900GTO! Anyway it's great to see X1950Pro comes with a decent Crossfire implimentation at long last, they could even have one up on SLI if they enable it on virtually any chipset too. It's a pity X1950Pro seems so close to the core limit at stock, esp considering how well 7900GS tend to o/c; 450mhz to around 600mhz (> 30%!). For a little more cash there's X1900XT_256MB, 7900GTO & 7950GT which means a lot of choices for us consumers!
Gravemind123 17th October 2006, 21:54 Quote
I think the new crossfire just finalized my current stance the ATI is the way to go for most gamers(unless they can afford 2 7950GX2s). I hope the all of the DX10 cards have that crossfire implementation, because by the time I can upgrade, they will be out already. I think ATI is moving forward a lot to solve their problems, without sacrificing performance on cards!
Panos 18th October 2006, 08:14 Quote
That's a great card. Could someone please tell me where they sell them with the price posted on the review? Or is an estimate?
Tim S 21st October 2006, 10:15 Quote
Originally Posted by rikbikboo
quite annoying that they didnt fit the 1950xtx with that sli connector i am still relegated to using a cable to connect the two dogonnit
X1950XTX development was already too far down the road, since it's based on a tweaked version of the R580 core. :)
Tim S 21st October 2006, 10:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Panos
That's a great card. Could someone please tell me where they sell them with the price posted on the review? Or is an estimate?
Hi and welcome to the forums. ;)

It should be on sale for that amount, but I've not found anywhere stocking it yet.,398040000 - 5-7 days - temp out of stock :)
atanum141 21st October 2006, 10:47 Quote
quick question about power usage.

using 2 of these cards in Crossfire, there should be no issues using a 480w Sli psu is there?

also if i get two of these how would these compare to a 7800GTX?
Tim S 21st October 2006, 13:05 Quote
I've not done any CrossFire testing just yet - working on that this week. However, X1950 Pro CrossFire should be a bit slower than 7800 GTX SLI but it's going to be about 75% faster than a single 7800 GTX. That's depending on resolution of course.

Having said that though, if you're looking to spend close to £300 on video cards now, I think you should wait. ;)
r4tch3t 21st October 2006, 22:21 Quote
Damn you Tim, when am I going to be able to buy a card, When your ;) keeps coming up?
LuitvD 22nd October 2006, 00:36 Quote
this will defenately be my graphics card soon :D give me two weeks, and I'll show it to you :)

going for the ASUS or the Powercolor version (the one with the Arctic Accelero X2 installed already)
Hovis 22nd October 2006, 01:50 Quote
I wouldn't buy anything too hastily graphics card wise at the mo. Whether the G80 turns out to be any good or not it's still going to decimate the prices on existing cards.
SaII 22nd October 2006, 05:50 Quote
America sucks, all the X1950 Pros are $100 over priced.:?
The MSRP is $199USD, ppl price it for $299USD. :(
specofdust 22nd October 2006, 13:04 Quote
$300 is still only a little more then we're paying over here, and to be honest, it's nice to see thee UK consumers not getting screwed on price compared with the states for once.

I assure you, normally you guys are getting far better deals then we are.

Anyhoo, quite tempted by this card as a stop-gap. People talk about DX10 as if it's out tomorrow but I'm not so sure people are going to be heavily adopting DX10 cards so soon, so it seems like not a bad idea.

I guess the real connundrum isn't "Is it worth getting this before DX10 arrives?" but rather "Are there are actually any games out right now that make it worth getting a decent graphics card?".
M4RTIN 22nd October 2006, 13:26 Quote
even with dx10 being a white elephant for the time being i'd still say wait and at least see what the G80 is like before buying a card right now. because even if you just look at it as a high end DX9 card, 128 unified shaders is a bloody hell of a lot
specofdust 23rd October 2006, 00:41 Quote
Tim, can you do me a favour and take a look at the S-video port on it and tell me if it matches the diagram near the middle of the page here please?

I got a 6800GS around the turn of this year and annoyingly, my S-video connector won't fit into it(It's got no hole for the litte block bit at the bottom of the diagram there). Don't wanna buy yet another graphics card that won't let me play vids on my telebox. 3rd November 2006, 21:02 Quote
i noticed an entry on overclockersuk...

GeCube ATI Radeon X1950 Pro FZ SuperCooled TURBO SILENT TEC/Heatpipe 512MB GDDR3 VIVO TV-Out/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail

sounds cool :D pelter cooled and 512mb.

they state " it Featuring two large silent 80mm fans providing good airflow along with TEC/Peltier to further help remove heat from the GPU which is then quickly cooled by the heatpipes. This cooling method considerably drops temperatures and along with the RV570 core is very easily overclocked to some amazing speeds, as high as 700MHz " " with ultra fast 1.2ns memory this card is capable of hitting some high speeds for those who wish to overclock " " However in testing when these cards have been overclocked to 680MHz core and 1620MHz memory they can equal the performance of an X1950 XTX "

well im speechless and for under £190
Tim S 3rd November 2006, 21:17 Quote
I think the final statement in that is a bit sensationalist, and I don't think it's true. You can run the theoretical numbers and realise that it doesn't come close.

Radeon X1950XTX has 48ps/8vs/16ROPs @ 650MHz + a 2GHz memory clock
GeCube's Radeon X1950 Pro has 36ps/8vs/12ROPs @ 680MHz + a 1.62GHz memory clock

Radeon X1950XTX is going to win any benchmark at high resolution with anti-aliasing. It's also going to win anything that's fill rate limited or shader limited too, since Radeon X1950XTX has 33% more pixel shaders and ROPs (pixel output engines) than you'll find on Radeon X1950 Pro.

I still think GeCube's product is a pretty interesting one nonetheless. Welcome to the forums.
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